Courtney Stodden Turns 21; Celebrates By Getting WASTED!

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It's hard to believe that until yesterday, Courtney Stodden couldn't legally walk into a bar.

She's been a media fixture ever since she married Doug Hutchison (at the tender age of 16) back in 2011 and she's managed to remain relevant through such go-to stunts as constantly posting naked selfies and releasing a "solo sex tape."

It must suck to be young, rich and relatively famous, yet unable to booze it up...Actually, strike that - it never sucks to be young, rich and famous.

In any event, it looks like Courtney made up for lost time by getting positively hammered at Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood last night in celebration of her 21st birthday.

The good news: She called an Uber.

The bad news: She nearly got in the wrong one!

Watch the video above to see Courtney's shwasted shenanigans. Happy birthday, girl! Now go ask your far more experienced husband for the lowdown on some hangover cures.

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