Courtney Stodden Admits to "Sleeping Around" on Doug Hutchison

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Even though they didn't make it through a full season the last time they appeared on Couples Therapy, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison were still invited back for the reunion show of the VH1 guilty pleasure.

Courtney was a mess on Couples Therapy back in 2012, admitting to calling her much older husband "dad" and eventually getting kicked out of the house for her refusal to stop dressing like a particularly desperate stripper.

She managed to outdo herself on the reunion show, however, by dropping revelations that we're sure Dad/Doug wishes she'd kept to herself:

Courtney Stodden with Doug Hutchison

"I wasn't acting like a married woman, that's for sure," Courtney said when asked about the low point of her marriage. "I was doing everything. I was going crazy, partying, meeting new people, sleeping around. I was doing it all."

In fairness, Courtney was talking about a period when she was briefly separated from Hutchison. Even so, bragging about banging other dudes on national TV probably isn't great for your reconciliation.

Over the weekend Courtney confessed to getting a boob job (finally) and credited her relationship with Hutchison for giving her the positive self-image that's enabled to refrain from having further work done.

Maybe he asked her to stop publicly talking about screwing around on him as repayment.

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