Courtney Stodden: Sex Tape Was Stolen, Will NOT Hit the Market!

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In a dramatic, totally unforeseen turn of events, the Courtney Stodden sex tape will not be released by Vivid after all ... decrees Courtney.

News of a Courtney Stodden sex tape - one potentially so epic that it spawned a $1 million offer from Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch - broke in April.

Hirsch, a man who knows his sexual products, felt this thing was so legit, it could start a self-pleasuring wave of XXX celeb solo efforts.

It seemed logical. But there's been a major change of plans.

Stodden herself is now ADAMANT that her solo sex tape not be released online that she fired off a cease and desist letter to Vivid.

According to her legal team, the tape was leaked without her permission, and as such, Hirsch needs to drop it like it's hot and STFU.

Uhh. Safe to say we did not see this one coming at all.

Perhaps it's an unwritten rule, a Farrah Abraham Corollary if you will, that one cannot pimp a sex tape without first pretending it was “leaked.”

Perhaps Court and Doug Hutchison had a genuine change of heart about spreading these legs/riches and are using this dubious claim to bail.

Whatever the case ... how does a self-pleasure tape leak? By definition, there's only one person in the video, stripped down and going to town.

Either she filmed it on a webcam or phone or Doug did the honors. That much is a given. But how would it possibly get to Vivid without permission?

These are questions we cannot answer, and perhaps never will. But we must sadly refrain from adding Stodden to the list below ... for now:

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