Corey Simms SLAMS Leah Messer in Deleted Teen Mom 2 Scene

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These days, the custody battle between Leah Messer and Corey Simms is over and decided, but back when the current season of Teen Mom 2 was filming, the matter was still being hotly contested.

The tension created by all the legal wrangling is apparent in a snippet of deleted footage just released by MTV today.

The clip shows Simms stressing out over Leah's lawyers reopening the case and forcing him to go back to court.

“It stresses me out that they approved the reconsideration,” Corey confesses to a friend.

“This whole reversal of custody should have been done years ago before the kids were aware of what’s going on,” he explains.

“Now they have a lot more emotions and feelings, and they can understand a lot more.”

He goes on to accuse Leah of putting her own needs ahead of those of her daughters:

“It’s a pretty serious thing. Leah’s looking at it for herself. I mean it’s all about herself is all she cares about. But the kids are the ones getting hurt.”

The judge in the case eventually decided in Leah's favor, and she and Corey have reached an amicable custody agreement.

The main sticking point was Leah's alleged inability to get the kids to school on time, which was captured on a recent episode of the show.

These days, Leah is sober and she was able to convince the court that her difficulties to school had been exaggerated by Simms' attorneys.

Still, this clip serves as a reminder of how ugly things got at one point.

Remarkably, Messer and Simms are reportedly on good terms with one another and able to peaceably co-parent.

Check out the clip below to see Corey (briefly) lose his cool and watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the Simms vs. Messer court battle.

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