Leah Messer: Cops Called Due to Negligent Parenting?!

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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you the current season shows Leah Messer at absolute rock bottom.

We've seen Leah fall asleep holding a baby in the middle of a conversation, and her ex Corey Simms has shared his concerns about Leah's ongoing problems with prescription pills. 

Leah Messer Passes Out Sitting Up

Fortunately, in the time since the season was filmed, Leah has completed rehab and family and friends say that the troubled 23-year-old has remained sober.

Of course, several members of Leah's inner circle deny that she ever had a problem to begin with, and her recent behavior suggests that something is definitely amiss.

Just a few days into the new school year, sources are saying Leah has already been caught putting her children in harm's way on two separate occasions.

“A teacher called the cops when she spotted Leah pulling up to the school without the twins in car seats,” a source tells Life & Style.

Police followed Leah to school the next day. Fortunately, this time she has followed the rules.

Shortly thereafter, Leah's disabled daughter Ali was unable to exit a classroom under her own power during a fire drill, as Leah had failed to drop her wheelchair off at school.

“Ali was unable to get out quickly and had to be assisted,” the source says. “Leah claims the wheelchair is broken but refuses to get it repaired.”

Naturally, Leah's two baby daddies are concerned about these reports, and it looks like Messer is in for another custody battle.

“Corey definitely wants full custody of his girls," says the insider.

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