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For months now, Leah Messer has been telling fans that the editing on Teen Mom 2 makes her look bad, and she’s actually a top-notch mom who has no trouble coping with the demands of single-parenthood.

If that’s true, then the show’s editors deserve all the Emmys, because they’ve done a hell of a job fashioning a convincing story line out of random clips of Leah being kind of a crappy mom.

The Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere featured a scene in which Leah rushed her daughters off to school minutes after waking them up, with the kids complaining that they’re hungry and tired throughout the 45-minute ride.

Leah took a ton of flak for denying the girls breakfast because she overslept, and based on the latest preview clip from next week’s episode, she may want to brace herself for round 2.

After hearing that one of her daughters told Leah’s baby daddy, Corey Simms, that they often get to school late, Leah admonished the girls in puzzling fashion:

"You guys have no business worrying about what time you get to school," Messer snapped.

"You guys just need to go to school. Let me and your father worry about what time you get to school…You guys shouldn’t even worry about it. Don’t talk about it."

Seems like the sort of thing that totally is their business, but who are we to judge? Just kidding, judging is half the fun of this show.

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