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If you follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you already know that Colton Underwood is the next Bachelor.

Some people are just finding out, and others apparently needed reminding.

ABC released a special Halloween promo for Colton’s season — his first promo. Take a look!

Colton Underwood, First Bachelor Promo

Colton Underwood’s first promo is out. He has a rose in hand and a bowl of candy.

It’s very much a Halloween promo … released on Halloween, giving it a few hours of viability before everyone starts talking about Christmas.

"This Halloween," the voiceover says. "No tricks; just a treat."

"Boo!" the treat himself, Colton Underwood, announces. "I’m your new Bachelor."

He strips the petals from a rose and blows them at the camera.

The song that plays sings "one more piece is all I need," which we suppose is a reference to pieces of candy.

Honestly, it sounds a little like "one more pizza’s all I need," which would just be an amazing song lyric.

Colton Underwood is The Bachelor in New Promo

Colton looks great in his suit, but the promo — and Colton himself — elicited mixed reviews on Instagram.

"Oh please no," commented one person.

It’s unclear if the promo or the leading man left something to be desired. Perhaps both.

"He looks good!" praised another. That’s true.

"Boo is right," wrote another fan in what appears to be a very seasonal insult.

Colton Underwood with a Pen

Others continued to take aim at the promo — but mostly at ABC’s choice of Colton himself.

"No one asked for this," lamented another commenter.

But someone else wrote: "he is so ridiculously hot its scary."

Scary — therefore perfect for Halloween.

Others are still hung up on last season.

"Arie’s true colors didn’t come out until the end of the season," a comment reads. 

The commenter continued: "Although he was forced upon us as well. Should have been Peter."

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Some people will always complain when a new Bachelor is selected because they had someone else in mind.

But there are some specific issues with Colton.

Frankly, some people think Colton is lying about being a virgin.

Others totally believe that he’s a virgin … but think that it makes him a poor choice as Bachelor, or speaks to some underlying personality issue.

(Some of these gripes are totally unfair towards Colton)

Others saw his indecisiveness on Bachelor in Paradise and fear that he’s just going to be a disaster.

Colton Underwood Works Out Shirtless

If ABC wants to see more positive responses from the Bachelor Nation, they may want to think about different promos.

Nothing says that the leading man has to always be pictured in a suit.

Colton is an athlete and his body reflects that. Promo him being shirtless.

That won’t silence all of his critics, but it’ll help some fans understand why a couple dozen women might compete for an engagement with him.

There’s a not-so-distant reality that one of these contestants will be the first to pop his cork.

Colton Underwood Picture

Colton didn’t really impress a lot of viewers on Bachelor in Paradise.

His "meant to be" romance with Tia Booth turned out to be a flop, even though she harbors no apparent ill will.

Colton is a very emotional guy, and a lot of people expect him to be miserable.

But in the end, the producers and execs who chose him didn’t choose him because he’d make the best husband.

They also didn’t pick him because this will make him happy.

They’re trying to make entertaining television, and they think that this season could be very entertaining — even if it ruins people’s lives.

Maybe especially if it ruins people’s lives.