Chris Brown Responds to Rape Allegations

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So in case you hadn't heard, Chris Brown was arrested for rape in Paris last week.

Details about what he allegedly did keep leaking, and the story is just sincerely horrific.

Chris Brown is a Dancer

According to a statement from the accuser's attorney, his client was attending a party when she was assaulted four times by three different men, one being Chris.

The woman claimed that she was also forced to do cocaine, and that while she "was not pressured physically," she was under "great psychological pressure" during this whole ordeal.

In retaliation to these charges, Chris is suing the woman for defamation of character.

He's also selling merchandise with the incredibly offensive "this bitch lyin'" catchphrase.

Chris Brown is the Worst

That's just the kind of monster he is.

We're not sure where the case will go from here, or whether or not Chris is guilty.

But we do know that he's definitely been guilty of assaulting women in the past.

We also know, thanks to this new statement of his, that he thinks the whole thing is "bullsh-t."

Check out what he has to say about it in the video below:

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