Chris Brown Accuser's Attorney Alleges Multiple Rapes

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Earlier this week, Chris Brown was arrested for rape in Paris.

While no reasonable person actually thinks that Chris Brown might be a good person ... but some wonder what exactly happened.

The victim's attorney is now explaining what went down on the night of the alleged sexual assault.

Chris Brown Mug Shot (2018)

Franck Serfati is the attorney representing the woman who accuses Chris Brown of rape.

On Thursday, he spoke to the Associated Press about some specifics of his client's accusations.

Serfati says that his client was raped four times by three men, one of whom was Chris Brown, at a drug-fueled party.

He also alleges that his client was forced to take cocaine during the incident.

"My client explains that it was non-consensual sex," Serfati states.

Serfati clarifies that the alleged victim was under "great psychological pressure" during the assault.

He has clarified that the 23-year-old student "was not pressured physically," but psychologically intimidated.

Chris Brown in Yellow

According to Serfati, Chris Brown "cornered her in a room that was locked."

"There were forced sexual relations," the chilling statement continues.

"And then," Serfati relays. "He went to talk to other men - it was a masculine environment."

He mentiones the environment because he says that it was how his client was intimidated.

The young woman "was only with men, older men," who dwarfed her in size and muscle, Serfati says.

She says that the other two men, a bodyguard and an associate of Brown, assaulted her on another level of a hotel.

Chris Brown Screams

Police in Paris were reportedly dubious at the accuser's story.

A sticking point for them was that the unnamed woman was in different rooms, and did not try to run away while in transit.

(Some publications have seemed to harp on this to a curious extent, for reasons unknown)

In real life, it is unfortunately not unheard of for people who have just been sexually assaulted to then be assaulted by someone else.

For a famous example, look at actress Phoebe Tonkin's tweets from October 2017.

She shared her #MeToo story of being assaulted, of being left without a phone by the side of the road, and then being assaulted again by her "rescuers."

Sexual predators tend to be opportunists.

Chris Brown is the Worst

Chris Brown has been known for about a decade now as one of the worst people in the entertainment industry.

In case there was any doubt, he is suing the alleged victim for defamation of character.

This serves several purposes, including discouraging other potential accusers from coming forward.

What's worse is that Chris Brown is selling "this bitch lyin'" merchandise.

Again, he is just ... awful on so many levels.

And yet, inexplicably, he still has fans.

Chris Brown is a Dancer

Sexual assault cases are notoriously difficult to prove.

This is not a coincidence in court systems that were designed both by and for men.

Drawing reasonable conclusions is something that people do every day, but it is not the same thing as proving something beyond a reasonable doubt.

We would be shocked -- in a good way -- if Brown were to actually face legal consequences.

French authorities have already said that he is free to leave France during the investigation, and he appears to be carefree.

He has gotten away with a great deal over the years. Perhaps he feels that he is untouchable.

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