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As you’ve probably heard by now, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are engaged after less than three months of dating.

At first, it was just speculation sparked by the massive bling that Blac was rocking on her commitment finger.

Now, Blac’s bestie Amber Rose has confirmed the engagement, and we’re getting all the details on the massive rock that Rob bought his bride-to-be.

According to TMZ, the ring 7-carat round-cut diamond ran Rob about $325,000.

He copped the ring from an LA jeweler named Ben Baller, apparently a favorite of West Coast rappers.

It’s not the kind of rock that’s easy to turn down, but insiders say the proposal was a sure bet from the start.

Rob and Blac reportedly started talking about getting hitched shortly after they started dating.

With Blac’s mom in town (and Rob’s family out of town) this week, both parties agreed the time was right for Rob to pop the question.

After Blac accepted, she and Rob did what any newly-engaged couple would do:

They hit up a local strip club with Blac’s mom in tow.

So obviously there’s not much that’s traditional about this engagement, but the ring is every bit as insanely expensive as you would expect from a Kardashian, and if you’re Blac Chyna, isn’t that what really matters?