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If you’re a fan of the Duggar clan, you’re probably no stranger to the concept of "courtship."

As explained by Josiah Duggar when he was briefly courting Marjorie Jackson, courtship is considered a form of "pre-engagement" or "dating with a purpose."

And since in the Duggar’s world, the purpose of life is to create more life, the process usually begins at a relatively young age.

So while fans are still wondering when 26-year-old Jana will begin courting, they’re also looking to her younger sisters, such as 18-year-old former tomboy Joy-Anna.

In the clip below, some of the Duggar men get just a tad creepy while talking about the process the right partner for their sister:

"For me, he would almost have to be a perfect guy," says Jedidiah, 17. "And he would go through a lot of testing!" 

"I think if guys come around, they’re going to have to get through a few guys – I’m talking about me and Joseph," 19-year-old Josiah says.

"If a guy shows up to court Joy, there will definitely be a lot of us standing back a little bit, kind of checking him out.," adds Joseph, 21.

Relax, guys. We’re pretty Joy-Anna can take care of herself. We’ve seen the girl squat 145 pounds while wearing a skirt.

Check out the clip below for Joy-Anna’s thoughts on the possibility of a courtship, and watch Jill & Jessa: Counting On online to get caught up in time for tonight’s episode.