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Oh, hell.  I think it’s happened.

Rob Karashian Smiles, Blac Chyna Wears a Ring

After two-ish months of the Blac & Rob show, it’s believed that Rob Kardashian has asked for Blac Chyna’s hand in marriage.

That is, according to her photos on social media.

Last night, Chyna shared an Instagram of herself holding Kardashian’s face with one hand, while on the other rest a big ole’ rock.

"YES !…!…!" the caption read.

The two caused quite the stir as they headed into Ace of Diamonds strip club in West Hollywood, and you can bet your bottom dollar that said big ole’ rock was properly placed on that ring finger.

Blac Chyna Shows off a Diamond Ring

Meanwhile, Kardashian’s entire family (including Scott Disick) took a ski trip, so no word on whether they’ve been briefed on the good news.

In one Snapcat video, Chyna told her beloved that it was procreation time.

"Rob, I am not playing with you, I want my eggs cracked," she said. "That means I wanna have a baby. I want my name dropped. That means I wanna be married."

In other amusing Rob/Chyna news, one of Chyna’s Snapchats showed a purchase of three pairs of Yeezy Adidas sneakers.  The receipt totaled over $6500.

"This stuff ain’t cheap, man," Chyna said.

I respect that she made the purchase herself, though. 

UPDATE 4/5/16 10:59am ET: Chyna’s friend, Amber Rose just congratulated the couple via Instagram.  Read it here.