Baskin Champion: Spotted Getting Cozy with Justin Bieber! EEEK!

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We hope you enjoyed Jelena version 27.0, celebrity gossip fans.

Because it may be over already.

As most readers likely know by now, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got back together in November.

Unlike the many past versions of this romance, however, the singers appeared truly committed this time around, having realized that they are older and more mature and can't just keep going back and forth all the time.

They were going to church as a couple and even attending therapy sessions together.

Justin Bieber in Sweatshirt

But then the bomb dropped two weeks ago:

Justin and Selena were taking a break.

Most insiders swore that's all this was, that the two were still in contact and this was NOT a break-up.

And we do remain hopeful that this is the case. 

However, fans now have a few questions because Bieber was spotted out on Tuesday night at Craig David's concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood.

And he wasn't alone.

Justin Bieber is Lost in Thought

Numerous entertainment news outlets have reported that Bieber was in attendance with someone initially described as a "mystery blonde."

The artist "was seen with his arm wrapped around her waist during one song, and she was spotted dancing up on him throughout the show," writes Entertainment Tonight, for example.

Naturally, this sort of description got folks wondering who the heck she could be... a question to which we now have a answer:

Baskin Champion.

This is her photo:

Baskin Champion

The 22-year old won the title of Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014.

She has over 230,000 followers on Instagram and she has posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

But here's the thing: she is also the sister of Abby Champion, who is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, one of Bieber's best friends.

This could mean Bieber and Baskin have been friendly for awhile and this sighting was no big deal -- or this connection could simply explain how Bieber knows Baskin and we still have no idea of there are romantic feelings between the pair.

Perhaps the video itself can help us decide.

Check it out below:

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