Rose McGowan Sends Harvey Weinstein Haunting "F-cking Birthday" Wishes

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Harvey Weinstein turned 66 years old on March 19.

And Rose McGowan did not miss the opportunity to wish the producer a very happy birthday.

In her own, creepy and awesome way, that is.

Rose McGowan Taunts Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein, of course, has been accused by dozens and dozens of women of sexual assault and harassment.

Stories in The New York Times and The New Yorker over the past several months paint Weinstein as a true sexual predator, a legitimate horror of a human being...

... and McGowan has been saying this for years.

She claims to have been raped by Weinstein way back in 1997 - and, while she's glad the #MeToo movement has finally sprung up, she can't also help but be bitter that it so long for others to catch on to what she's been saying for decades.

And this all brings us back to McGowan's message for Weinstein.

Rose McGowan Video Still

On the occasion of Weinstein turning 66 years old, McGowan uploaded the footage below to Twitter.

"Happy birthday, Harvey Weinstein," she says at the outset, prior to taunting the producer as follows:

I told you we'd be coming. I told you 20 years ago, if I heard of you doing this to another girl or a woman, we would come for you. I would come for you.

Happy f--king birthday...from all of us.

Yeah. We're scared.

But Weinstein is the one who should really be scared, of course.

The allegations against this producer sparked a movement that swept up many other men in Hollywood who have acted inappropriately over the years.

We've rundown some of the most damning charges in the gallery above.

McGowan has been at the forefront of this movement long before it actually was a movement and we're glad she's finally getting a chance to enact some revenge.

Watch her video now:

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