Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown Fears the Worst After Matt Is Injured

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Last week on Alaskan Bush People, Gabe Brown risked life and limb working construction on the Brown family's new homestead.

On the latest episode, however, it's not Gabe who's putting himself at risk. His older brother Matt Brown gets injured.

It's a major setback for the Browns, as they explain in this video. How much will this delay construction?

Gabe Brown Speaks on Alaskan Bush People

On Sunday night's new Alaskan Bush People episode, Matt Brown jumps down from too high and ends up injuring his knee.

His siblings are concerned about his well being, but as Gabe explains to the camera, they are also concerned about delaying their construction project.

"These are major setbacks," Gabe laments to the camera.

He shares his fear that: "It's gonna keep us from building the barn."

"It's pretty much worst case scenario," Gabe worries. Matt may be able to walk, but not like he could before he twisted his knee.

Alaskan Bush People - Matt Brown Limps

Rain Brown is only 15 (though she often acts as the family's de facto spokesperson on social media, she will not turn 16 until November 23, 2018).

Despite that, she is so often the voice of reason -- and even maturity. Even when she is speaking to Bam Bam, who is 34 entire years old.

"I'm just going to be blunt with you," Rain says. "I think you could help more."

Bam, we learn, has been showing up late and bristles in the face of being given instructions. Again, this is a grown man who was born in 1984.

"It's really important for everyone to get involved with this," Rain emphasizes. "Teamwork is important."

Rain Brown Works Hard

Though he had been messing around in the face of Matt's instructions, Rain's words do get through to Bam Bam.

"I'm just me all the time," Bam admits.

You know what? He sure is.

He then asks Rain to "just tell me," when he's not being as helpful as he should. "So maybe I can fix it."

That sounds like it should be his responsibility rather than Rain's, but okay.

Alaskan Bush People - Matt Brown Hammers

Rain needs more from Bam Bam than showing up on time and working as a team.

She admits that what he really brings to the group is a concern with safety. Matt and Gabe, in contrast, are daredevils who take risks like they have something to prove.

"I think we actually need your help a lot more than we let on," Rain tells Bam.

She appreciates him agreeing to work on his behavior, and says: "I think that this is a good first step." 

"We still need to get that working on a team level going," Rain says.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

It sounds like Matt -- and, honestly, Gabe -- need to reign in their impulses, while Bam Bam needs to be more helpful.

To be fair, they're all there to film the show. As we know, the Brown family have accumulated their share of wealth over what are now 8 seasons of reality televisions.

They're not squatting on land in the wilderness -- they're on Billy Brown's 435 property in rural Washington.

Bam isn't there because he's a construction expert. He's there because he's a reality star and appearing on camera means that he gets paid.

Still, that injury looks like the real deal. Maybe Matt should wisen up and realize that he's not as young as he once was. They all need to be careful.

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