90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Sneak Peek: Colt Tells Chantel to Shut the Eff Up

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it's time to say goodbye to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4.... by watching the two-part Tell All special.

The special looks like it's going to be nuts -- is Larissa even there? -- and this sneak peek shows that the drama starts behind the scenes.

What starts with playful banter turns into Colt demanding that Chantel "shut the f--k up." And things only get heated from there.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 4 Tell All special group snap

So, this sneak peek appears to begin before the stars even go out onto the stage to air their grievances.

Colt Johnson is sitting on a couch with Ashley Martson. 

Colt is taking up about 75% of the room and that's not about his budy-size, it's about him not caring about other people.

Ashley, in the meantime, is huddled over in one tiny corner with a pillow in her lap, trying to avoid being engulfed.

They're in this ratchet backroom that's not really designed for convenient filming, and Pedro strikes up conversation with Colt.

Ashley Martson and Colt Johnson

"How you been, man? You been good?" he asks Colt. "How's Larissa? How'd this happen, man? Tell me."

"I don't know," Colt replies. "I haven't talked with her in months."

Keep in mind that this Tell All special is believed to have been filmed back in early May.

"You're probably happier, right?" Chantel suggests from her seat across from Pedro.

"Oh yeah," Colt replies sarcastically. "I'm totally happier going through a divorce. I love going through the stress and drama ..."

Pedro Jimeno: that's the way you get happy; get divorced

This is where Pedro decides to stick his foot in his mouth.

"That's the way you get happy: get divorced!" Pedro says, laughing with amusement at himself.

He's clearly just tickled at the idea that all of one's marital problems could be solved by ending the marriage.

You know who's considerably less amused? Chantel.

She rolls her eyes as everyone but Pedro seems to realize what he just said.

Chantel Everett Rolls Her Eyes

"Pedro," a very tired Chantel says. "Shut up."

"What?" he asks. "What's the matter? I say the truth."

Not all true things need to be spoken aloud, my dude.

"We're not getting a divorce," Chantel says firmly. "Don't even joke about it."

"Pedro please," she asks him. "Like, I cannot do this with you this early in the morning. Just stop."

Colt Johnson leans back

"Well," Colt says. "Love is not enough. I've learned that the hard way."

"Is it? Is it not?" Chantel asks, sounding amused. 

"Why?" she asks. "Is it because you love your mama more than your ex-wife?"

Pedro seems aghast at where his wife went with this.

Colt, however, only seems to get worked up as she pushed his biggest button.

Colt Johnson speaks bts

"I love my mother," Colt affirms. "I take care of her. I'm the only family that she has."

"And I'll support her," he continues.

"And," Colt says. "I hope to god that one day, if one of your parents needs you, that you'll do the same."

"So," he instructs Chantel. "Please shut the f--k up."

That demand does not go over very well -- not with Chantel, and not with Pedro.

Pedro Jimeno: Do Not Talk That Way To My Wife

Pedro is clearly incensed that Colt had the audacity to speak to his wife in that manner.

Clearly, only Pedro's sister and mother ae allowed to openly disparage Chantel in his presence without consequences.

Chantel does insist that she can stick up for herself.

Maybe the most entertaining part of this whole confrontation is Colt just saying "ahhhhhhhhhhh" like a child.

Chantel bts at the Tell All

"When you marry somebody," Chantel explains to him. "You're supposed to leave and cleave to your wife."

"Chantel, you don't know s--t," Colt says.

"So, keep your mouth shut? How about that?" he suggests.

This is when we see Chantel go off on Colt and direct him to avoid speaking to her for the rest of the Tell All.

Colt may not be the only bad dude on Season 4, but it's hard to argue that he's anything short of a villain.

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