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Kim Kardashian delivered a major plot twist when she revealed she was studying to become a lawyer earlier this year.

It may be hard to imagine Kim representing anyone in court, and not just because she hasn’t yet passed her Bar exam.

But now that Wendy Williams is calling out for Kim’s help, it’s clear that Kim’s influence and legal know-how are already in high demand


Wendy Williams: Happy on Set
(Wendy Williams )

In a recent segment on her talk show show, Wendy Williams asked Kim Kardashian to help get A$AP Rocky released from jail in Sweeden.

The 30-year-old rapper was arrested for assault after he and his crew were involved in a street altercation in Stockholm late last month.

The beatdown was caught on camera, but Rocky’s lawyer insists that it was done in self-defense.

Additional footage of the incident, posted to the rapper’s Instagram seems to confirm the lawyer’s account.

Photo via Instagram

In the videos, we can plainly see that Rocky and his crew are being followed and harrassed by shrimpy guys who should really know better.

Rocky and his entourage all but beg the two men to leave them alone and "walk the other way."

Of course, both men repeatedly refused to take the advice and continued to stalk the crew around Stockholm, resulting in the eventual fight and arrests.

Look, laws are laws, and violence should always be discouraged.

But after watching the tapes, it’s hard not to feel like those jerks had it coming. 

Photo via Instagram

Wendy Williams seems to think of the Swedish as organized, healthy, and humane, and assumed their prisons would follow suit.

"I’m thinking the prison probably has down sheets, 700 thread count," Wendy says in the clip.

She muses, "You can eat the meatballs like at IKEA all day long."

But Wendy was appalled by the reality of Rocky’s imprisonment when she learned of the horrific, inhumane conditions in his cell.

Photo via Instagram

"It’s Holy Hell!" Wendy reveals about the prison.

She goes on to explain that he sleeps "down on the floor" on something akin to a yoga mat.

She adds that he has no cell-mate, and he’s been alone in his cell for 16 days.

"This is stupid, he needs to be released," Wendy asserts.

Wendy Williams Breaks Down
(Wendy Williams)

Apparently, this is where Kim Kardashian comes in. Wendy Williams feels that if Kim were to speak up about this, her voice would make a difference.

Kim would be joining a handful of other celebrities who have spoken out about the wrongful imprisonment, including Al Sharpton, Snoop Dogg, and even Donald Trump.

In fact, it’s Snoop Dogg who first mentions that Kim should get involved, as Wendy’s clip shows.

"Hey Kim Kardashian," Snoop says in a self-recorded video post, "go get Rocky out of jail."

"Look out for us," the famous rapper entreats, adding "The black community needs this."

Snoop and Wendy both also call on Kanye West to simply make his wife help Rocky out, in case their pleas didn’t reach her directly.

Kim Kardashian Listens With Concern

But why Kim Kardashian? What exactly do all these celebrities expect her to do?

Well, the "queen of celebrities" as Wendy calls her, is on track to becoming a full-fledged lawyer. 

And although she may not be legally certified yet, she may have a more a nuanced perspective of this issue from a legal standpoint.

"She’s involved with the law right now," Wendy points out, "and this would be a big feather in her cap if she can help make this happen."

Truly, Kim’s influence is so mighty that she could bring a lot of attention to Rocky’s plight without ever stepping into the courtroom.

But Wendy ackowledges that Kim can’t pull this off all by herself.

Kim Kardashian Wants a New, Better Party

"When I say help, I mean she should not be the main person," Wendy clarifies, suggesting Kim contact a law firm.

Wendy goes on to explain that "Kim needs to be in the shadows, but clearly present, making it happen."

Wendy also suggests that Kim go so far as to make use of her connections with the white house, pushing our government to fast-track the issue with Sweeden.

We love this fantasy of Kim as some kind of fame-powered superhero, fighting for justice from "the shadows" despite her insane level of visibility.

We think Wendy may be giving Kim a little bit too much credit.

But we live in a time when celebrities seem to make all the rules, so honestly, who even knows anymore?

In any event, the world will know more about A$AP Rocky’s fate on Friday, when prosecutors must either formally charge him or request to extend his detainment.