50 Cent Posts Video of Cat Slurping Vodka, 'Cuz Obviously

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50 Cent is in hot water after posting an Instagram video of his cat drinking vodka, because of course this is actually a thing that happened.

As a spokesman for the relatively little-known Effen Vodka brand, he certainly found a way to get it some free publicity, if nothing else.

A lot of animal lovers and fans aren't happy with the rapper, however.

Just look at the cat HANDLE this martini. Fifty says her name is Gayle (he has a dog Oprah), but Lindsay Lohan seems more appropriate.

Mr. Cent later insisted that his feline friend is lapping up water and not hard alcohol, obviously, and we have to take him at his word there.

Not because Curtis Jackson is a standard bearer for trustworthiness, but simply based on what we believe about cat beverage preferences.

Water and milk tend to win out over 80 proof distilled grains. Right?

Usually at least. Maybe this is the Brandi Glanville of cats here.

Who the hell knows. In any case, Fiddy 1) clearly wanted to make it look like his kitty was gettin' crunk, and 2) hasn't had a hit song in like 11 years.

Basically he's either super lame, not as funny as he thinks he is and a decade past his peak relevance, or a terrible person. We're betting the former.

Either way, you may now return to your lives this Friday, THGers.

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