Tyga and Iggy Azalea: Actually Dating?!

Tyga and Iggy Azalea: Actually Dating?!

What happens when two has-beens lock eyes across a crowded music festival?

Well, in the case of Tyga and Iggy Azalea, it appears that they decided to embark on a combination revenge romance/publicity stunt that will no doubt fail to capture the attention of either their exes or their jaded former fans.

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Tyga: I Got Kylie Jenner Drunk on a Yacht and Filmed a Sex Tape With Her!

Tyga Raps About Kylie Jenner Sex Tape on New Track

Tyga's infamous relationship with Kylie is at an end, but that doesn't mean that Kylie's stopped being Tyga's ticket to fame.

The makeup mogul and soon-to-be mom was and is the only reason that anyone knows who the alleged rapper is.

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