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It’s been over 18 months since Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up, and at this point, it’s apparent that Kylie is quite serious in her relationship with rapper Travis Scott.

You might think that even the most stubborn exes would take a baby and a series of sexed-up photoshoots as signs that it’s time to move on, but Tyga’s not taking any hints.

Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Split

But it’s not the baby, or the unfathomable success, or even the constant racy PDAs that have Tyga most upset.

No, apparently the thing that really gets T-Raww’s goat is the fact that Kylie and Travis have bought a house together.

Now, granted, this isn’t just any old starter home.

Kylie and Travis have purchased a $13.5 million mega-mansion in Beverly Hills that’s currently the crown jewel of the Kardashian clan’s impressive real estate collection.

Travis with Kylie
Photo via Instagram

“Tyga struggles with jealousy whenever he hears about something new in Kylie’s life. He became hot when he heard that Kylie and Travis were buying a huge mansion in the hills,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“He doesn’t want to believe it."

Part of the problem, it seems, is that Tyga feels entitled to a piece of Kylie’s billion-dollar empire, as he creepily feels that he helped to mold her.

Their Debut!
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“Tyga still feels like much of Kylie’s success in life is due to his years of encouragement and support," the insider adds.

"So, it really stings to know that she is now a billionaire, buying homes with someone else, after all the years he spent loving her,” the source continues.

“Tyga wants to be happy for Kylie and the life she is building with Travis, but it hurts and he can’t help but think, ‘that should be me with her right now.’”

Tyga in Concert
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Hmm … Perhaps we can offer some tips on how Tyga might handle this situation more maturely. Here goes:

Get over yourself and move on, you gross weirdo.

You don’t get credit for helping to raise Kylie just before you started banging her before she was legal, and you’re not entitled to her wealth just because you feel like you totally deserve to be rich.

There. Does that help?