Josiah Duggar Instagram Post Raises Concerns: Is He as Uneducated as He Seems?

Josiah Duggar: Is He As Uneducated As He Seems?

If you've ever spent even a few minutes watching one of their reality shows, we probably don't need to tell you the Duggars are not your typical American family.

In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle put their own twist on just about every aspect of their kids' upbringing.

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Josiah Duggar: Clashing With Jim Bob, Headed For Mental Breakdown [Exclusive]

Josiah Duggar: Clashing With Jim Bob? Headed For Mental Breakdown?

While Jinger Duggar might enjoy a well-deserved reputation as the most rebellious of Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring, those who know the family best say it’s Josiah who has most tested his parents’ patience over the years.

Though not as well-known -- and certainly not as scandal-plagued  -- as some of his most notorious relatives, Josiah has broken with his parents’ ultra-conservative views in a number of significant ways.

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