Joe Exotic to Donald Trump: You Wanna Get Re-Elected? Then Let Me Out of Jail!

Joe Exotic to Trump: You Wanna Get Re-Elected? Then Let Me Out of Jail!

At this point, the coronavirus pandemic has been going on for so long that it's hard to remember what life was like at the beginning of this mess.

But if we think hard enough, we can remember a more innocent time -- a time when we all believed the lockdown would only last a few weeks, and a man known as the Tiger King dominated the national consciousness.

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Joe Exotic Compares Self to George Floyd, Claims He'll Be Dead in 2 Months in Bizarre Open Letter

Joe Exotic Claims He'll Be Dead in 2 Months

Utter the name Joe Exotic in mixed company, and you're likely to receive a wide array of reactions.

To some, he's the comical figure from that simpler time several months ago when the coronavirus pandemic seemed but a momentary distraction.

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Jeff Lowe: Screw Carole Baskin! I'm Gonna Trash Joe Exotic's Zoo Before She Takes It Over!

Jeff Lowe: Screw Carole Baskin! She Totally Killed Her Husband!

You'd think that with Joe Exotic in prison and the world having finally moved on from attempting to solve the mystery of who killed Carole Baskin's husband, the drama of Tiger King would finally be at an end.

But if you've ever met anyone like the man-children who made the Netflix docu-series such a hit, you know they spend their entire lives wrapped up in petty squabbles and courting legal troubles until they eventually drive their ATVs off a ravine, and the coroner finds a couple gallons of Busch Light sloshing around in their guts.

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Joe Exotic: Ex-Wife, Son, and GRANDCHILDREN Revealed!

Joe Exotic: Ex-Wife, Son, and GRANDCHILDREN Revealed!

If you've been anywhere near social media in the past six weeks, then you're probably familiar with the gun-toting, meth-fueled feline enthusiast known as Joe Exotic.

And if you watched Tiger King, then you probably feel that after spending seven hours (eight, if you count the ill-advised reunion special) with Joe and his unique menagerie of misfits, you know the guy pretty well.

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The Tiger King And I: Netflix Special Offers Much-Needed Joe Exotic Update!

The Tiger King And I: Netflix Delivers Joe Exotic Update!

If you're one of the tens of millions of viewers who recently got sucked into the bizarre world of Tiger King, you might think you know the whole story of Joe Exotic and his menagerie of rivals and co-conspirators.

But you can't sum up such a strange saga in just seven hours, a fact that the stars of Tiger King made clear when they began sharing their own versions of events in the days after the docuseries became an overnight sensation.

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