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More bad news for troubled feline enthusiast Joe Exotic!

Following Joe’s separation from husband Dillon Passage, the Tiger King star moved on with a fellow prisoner named John Graham.

But now, it seems that the love between the inmates vanished like Carole Baskin’s second husband.

According to a new report from TMZ, Joe and John have officially called off their short-lived engagement.

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The cause of the split was an obstacle that’s probably common to jailhouse romances:

Joe completed his sentence and got released from jail.

And since Joe won’t be eligible for parole until 2037, the change in living arrangement probably made things hard on the relationship.

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Now, Joe and John probably knew they’d face this hurtle eventually.

But it’s one thing to anticipate a problem and another to come face-to-face with it.

The relationship didn’t last long once Graham got his parole.

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But it seems like Joe bears no ill will toward his ex.

In fact, the Tiger King has already moved on with a new love!

Exotic tells TMZ that he’s gotten back together with “a very special man” from his past.

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Many jumped to the conclusion that Joe was referring to his most recent ex, Dillon.

But it seems that’s not the case.

TMZ is reporting that Exotic and Passage’s divorce is “making slow but steady progress.”

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(Which is sort of a shame, since Exotic-Passage would make a hell of a name for a collaborative zoo once Joe gets out of the joint.)

Of course, it’s possible that Joe and Dillon are just being coy with the media.

Perhaps they’ve reconciled but are not yet ready to go public with their relationship, lest they part ways again.

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Dillon is Joe’s fourth husband, and they were only together for nine months before Exotic was hauled off to the slammer.

So yeah, the odds were against them from the start, even when you don’t factor in the 31-year age difference.

But hey, Joe is nothing if not a wildly persuasive charmer.

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After all, this is a guy who has a massive fan base, despite the fact that he appears to have slaughtered dozens of endangered animals and is currently doing time on murder-for-hire charges!

Obviously, there are far more repugnant reality stars (Josh Duggar comes to mind), but Joe is not exactly a good guy.

As for the many years that still remain before his parole date, Joe is still working hard to have his sentence reduced.

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He campaigned for a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, but obviously that ship has sailed.

So yeah, you can be sure that Joe is watching the January 6 commission hearings with intense interest, in the hope that his favorite candidate will be eligible to run again in 2024.

Of course, there’s an outside chance that both iconic blondes will be locked away by the time that election rolls around.

Donald Trump in Ohio in 2022

If you’re a Trump supporter, you probably don’t like to consider that possibility.

But it’s important to look on the bright side:

On the off chance that Joe and Donnie wind up in the same facility, the podcast potential would be through the roof!