Carole Baskin: New Evidence That She Had Her Husband Killed Revealed??

Carole Baskin: New Evidence That She Had Her Husband Killed!!

If you think back to the beginning of this pesky little pandemic we find ourselves in, you might remember a time when we all thought social distancing would last a couple weeks, and the Netflix documentary Tiger King dominated the national conversation.

These days, we have more important matters to argue about than the misadventures of Joe Exotic, but as the world burns, questions remain about the checkered past of Exotic's number one rival.

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Jeff Lowe: Screw Carole Baskin! I'm Gonna Trash Joe Exotic's Zoo Before She Takes It Over!

Jeff Lowe: Screw Carole Baskin! She Totally Killed Her Husband!

You'd think that with Joe Exotic in prison and the world having finally moved on from attempting to solve the mystery of who killed Carole Baskin's husband, the drama of Tiger King would finally be at an end.

But if you've ever met anyone like the man-children who made the Netflix docu-series such a hit, you know they spend their entire lives wrapped up in petty squabbles and courting legal troubles until they eventually drive their ATVs off a ravine, and the coroner finds a couple gallons of Busch Light sloshing around in their guts.

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Carole Baskin: I Have PROOF I Didn't Feed My Husband to Tigers!

Carole Baskin: I Have PROOF I Didn't Feed My Husband to Tigers!

Unless you've taken your self-isolation so seriously that you're currently in an underground bunker reading the nutrition labels on canned goods for entertainment, then you're probably familiar with the outrageously popular Neflix docu-series Tiger King.

One of the many, many reasons the series has become such a sensation is that it raises as many questions as it answers.

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Carole Baskin: Murder Investigation Reopened Following Tiger King Uproar?!

Carole Baskin: Murder Investigation Reopened!

The Netflix series Tiger King is a near-flawless piece of documentary filmmaking, but if you'll allow us to engage in a bit of nit-picking, we have pinpointed a couple minor defects:

For one thing, all of the protagonists are so deeply f--ked up that choosing one to root for is a virtual impossibility.

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Carole Baskin: Did the Tiger King Star Really Feed Her Husband to Her Pets?!

Tiger King Star Claps Back Against Murder Allegations!

I'm going to go ahead and assume that if you are here, you've already tuned in to Netflix's new docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness that dropped on Friday, March 20.

Also going to assume that, like me, you came for the cute baby tigers and stayed for the mess. 

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