Dean Unglert, Bachelor in Paradise Star, Hospitalized After Ski Crash

Dean Unglert is Spending Christmas in the Hospital

Dean Unglert will not be home for the holidays.

But the Bachelor in Paradise star will still be around for the holidays, which means Unglert has a lot to be thankful for after taking a nasty spill while skiing this week.

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Dean Unglert: SHADED by Rachel Lindsay Over Bachelor in Paradise Breakup!

Dean Unglert: SHADED by Rachel Lindsay!

Dean Unglert went from everyone's blue eyed dream to making a lot of people upset on Bachelor in Paradise. Why? Well ... love triangle shenanigans, basically.

Those shenanigans came to an end on Monday night's episode with a breakup that didn't really make anybody happy.

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The Bachelor: Next Leading Man Will SHOCK Fans!

The Bachelor: Next Leading Man Will SHOCK Fans!

Whether you think of the stars of Bachelor in Paradise as "all stars" or "rejects" from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, this very entertaining group's tropical adventures are still going strong. Even if Dean Unglert's love triangle shenanigans have come to an end.

In the mean time, everyone is wondering who is going to be the next Bachelor. Those are big shoes to fill, and there are a lot of candidates.