Dean Unglert: SHADED by Rachel Lindsay Over Bachelor in Paradise Breakup!

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Dean Unglert went from everyone's blue eyed dream to making a lot of people upset on Bachelor in Paradise. Why? Well ... love triangle shenanigans, basically.

Those shenanigans came to an end on Monday night's episode with a breakup that didn't really make anybody happy.

Among the people who responded were Rachel Lindsay, Dean's own ex, who tweeted some serious shade in his direction.

Dean Unglert and Rachel

Remember when Dean Unglert said that he made an ass of himself in Paradise?

Well ... he's as good as his word.

Until this week's episode, Dean had been juggling both Danielle Lombard and Kristina Schulman

And yeah, we get it -- Bachelor in Paradise is all about figuring out who, if anyone, is right for you.

Dating the first person you see might not be the best plan.

There's also an argument to be made that people aren't necessarily well-suited for monogamy, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Because, though Kristina came across as sympathetic and she and Dean seemed to have a real connection (while Dean also hooked up with Danielle and Danielle didn't restrict herself exclusively to Dean, either), Dean ended up choosing Danielle.

A lot of fans were crushed.

Some of them were rooting for Dean and Kristina.

A lot of them were rooting for Kristina to find happiness.

Others were just rooting for Dean to stay the endearing, precious boy they'd seen on The Bachelorette.

So there was a lot of disappointment. All around.

Dean Unglert on a Fence

As we mentioned, Rachel Lindsay -- who competed alongside Kristina Schulman for Nick Viall's hand on The Bachelor before becoming the Bachelorette and finding love ... or whatever ... with Bryan Abasolo, threw some shade at Dean over the whole affair.

She tweeted this:

"Never settle @kristinaschulma ….love you girl."

She followed that up with a kissing emoji.

You may notice that she doesn't mention Dean by name.

But her "never settle" message is a reminder that they now have two exes in common, and a diss against Dean.

Rachel is implying that Dean isn't worthy of Kristina, and that Kristina -- like Rachel -- could do better.

Maybe so.

It may have also occurred to you that Rachel Lindsay has a whole lot of nerve tweeting anything at anybody about breaking up with the wrong person.

She's kind of an expert on the subject, but that's not the same as being an authority on which breakups are smart or not.

Sorry if we're not going to take romantic advice from the woman who chose a guy who says whatever she wants to hear and left Peter Kraus a sobbing mess.

For his part, Dean Unglert posted this to Instagram:

Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman, Goodbye

His heartbreaking caption?

"You were out of my league."

A friend of mine DMed this post to me as soon as she saw it to make sure that I had seen it, because there are a lot of feels to be had.

Honestly, we think that Kristina and Dean just got swept up in it all.

Dean, in particular, was basically on the rebound after making it almost to the very end of The Bachelorette.

Like, Rachel Lindsay met his dad. He wasn't just on for a few episodes to get his name out there.

As we mentioned, monogamy isn't right for everyone.

For some people, it's the only way for them to have a relationship.

For others, it's unnatural and monogamy culture -- and especially the idea that there's exactly one person out there who's right for you -- is horrifying.

There are a lot of successful polyamorous relationships, and with social acceptance, that is growing.

We'd love to see a Bachelor series with an emphasis on polyamory, but we're sure that it will take years before enough viewers are open-minded enough to tune in.

On such a show, maybe this love triangle wouldn't have been so devastating. Maybe it would have just been, you know, a normal triad.

If that would work for all three of them, anyway.

Not everybody's cut out to be polyamorous.

Dean Unglert and Lion Cub

We think that, within the Bachelor Nation, Dean can get past this.

Dean is, after all, a young guy who's openly admitted that he has more maturing to do.

And that was before he went on Bachelor in Paradise.

Dean is not going to be the next Bachelor, but we'd love to see him on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

And maybe, in a couple of years, after he's had his "redemption arc" on camera, he could make an amazing -- and still quite young -- leading man.

And, for what it's worth, we wish Kristina Schulman the best.

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