Dean Unglert: Colton Underwood Will Be the Worst Bachelor EVER!

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Dean Unglert is best known for having made a self-admitted a$$ out of himself on Bachelor on Paradise.

But the ABC personality is here with a dire warning for anyone who is excited about Colton Underwood as the network's next Bachelor...

Dean Unglert Snapshot

... and that warning is this:

Underwood is about to make a major a$$ out of the show in general!

In a manner of speaking, that is.

"I love Colton, don't get me wrong, but [he's] not my Bachelor," Unglert told Entertainment Tonight at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, adding:

"He's a very nice person... He's well-intentioned. He is beautiful."

Alright! Great!

So... what is Unglert's objection to Underwood being named The Bachelor?

"I just think it's going to be a dumpster fire."

Oh. Okay then.


Underwood finished in third place on the most recent season The Bachelorette.

He is famously a virgin, although not for religious reasons. Colton has simple said on numerous occasions that he's waiting for the right person with whom he wants to knock boots for the first time.

Specifically, what is Unglert's beef with Underwood?

He's a little young. He's younger than me," Unglert explained to ET, expounding as follows:

"He might be more advanced in his life than I am, but I don't necessarily see him marrying the woman that he chooses... I don't think he knows exactly what he wants."

This may be true, of course.

But it's unclear why Dean would say this about Colton.

Colton Underwood on GMA

If anything, Underwood appears to be taking the whole idea of finding the right woman as seriously as anyone can.

The guy hasn't even had sex yet because he wants to be sure!

Unglert himself was once a frontrunner for The Bachelor... until he got himself involved in an intense and explosive love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

And he at least says here that he would not any better as a Bachelor than he predicts Underwood will be.

"I imagine Colton's season going the same way mine would [have], where he wants to do right by everyone and wants no one to hate him and that's going to just go ahead and bite him right ahead in the butt," Unglert said in this interview.

"I'd be a horrible Bachelor for the same reasons Colton would be horrible and will be horrible."

Dean Unglert in Paradise

Fair enough.

Unglert concludes by offering up better options he thinks ABC should have gone with for its next Bachelor.

"It should've been Jason, it should've been Blake, it should've been Ben, maybe Nick again. It could've been Peter," he says.

Do you agree?

Or are you actually looking forward to Colton Underwood as The Bachelor, especially that REALLY awkward fantasy suite episode?

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