Vicki Gunvalson, Emily Simpson Let Each Other Have it as Twitter Beef Goes Nuclear!!

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Just because Emily Simpson went to anger management for an episode doesn't mean that she swore of Twitter feuds.

Vicki Gunvalson decided to lay into her over words that she said (and things that she may not have said) on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

After that extremely public callout, it was only natural that Emily would hit back.

She didn't just shoot down Vicki's tweets, she produced receipts.

Take a look at this object lesson in Twitter feuding. Which Housewife was right?

1. Did Emily go too far?

Did Emily go too far?
One offhand remark by Emily on The Real Housewives of Orange County ignited a firestorm on Twitter.

2. Vicki was furious

Vicki was furious
As you're about to see, she laid into Emily for her words on television. But the argument's biggest result was that even more fans are demanding that Emily return to RHOC for a third season. Take a look ...

3. Vicki started it ... at least on Twitter

Vicki started it ... at least on Twitter
Taking to Twitter while waiting to board a flight, Vicki Gunvalson called out her castmate, Emily Simpson, accusing her of being ageist towards her.

4. Fans piped up

Fans piped up
Vicki was the first to admit that Emily's alleged words about her (you'll see how the culprit is called into question later) struck a nerve.

5. Emily clapped back

Emily clapped back
This is a good comeback and a solid defense against accusing her of ageism. Vicki is 57 years old, and Emily's not the one saying that she's a senior -- our culture is.

6. Also ...

Also ...
As this stellar 30 Rock line reflects, Arby's has some great items and Emily just made a lot of us very hungry.

7. Vicki tries to retaliate

Vicki tries to retaliate
Is Vicki just trying to deflect here or is she trying to shade Emily over her weight? Anyway, Vicki, not eating delicious food is nothing to brag about.

8. Emily fired back with receipts

Emily fired back with receipts
In-N-Out burger may have a cult-like following in Southern California despite being massively overrated, but it's still very much a fast-food restaurant.

9. Emily wasn't done

Emily wasn't done
She also clapped back by making reference to Vicki's business. Note that Emily didn't debase or defame Vicki's business, just crack a joke about it being Vicki's job to look for good financial decisions.

10. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
One of Vicki's fans thinks that this is Kelly Dodd's influence, and Vicki has to agree.

11. Emily shot back

Emily shot back
She agreed that she didn't cave to pressure from the Tres Amigas to hate Kelly and push her off of the show.

12. Vicki even got into it with a fan

Vicki even got into it with a fan
It seems clear here that Vicki thinks that people who don't know her personally are not entitled to judge her for her behavior.

13. The fan's clapback is extremely good

The fan's clapback is extremely good
Excuse me, I just need to get this fan's tweet tattooed onto my forehead. Reality stars try this defense all of the time, claiming that bad edits or Hollywood magic make them look the way that they do. This is a profoundly good line.

14. Did Vicki assign the wrong blame?

Did Vicki assign the wrong blame?
Even Vicki admits that she may have projected one of Kelly's lines onto Emily. At this point, that hardly matters.

15. The cosmetic dragging began

The cosmetic dragging began
Vicki's totally in the right here. Anybody has the right to redesign their flesh prison however they like.

16. Vicki feels unfairly targeted

Vicki feels unfairly targeted
Here, she says that she's never fired off at Emily. We have to ask what her original callout tweet was if not the first salvo, but clearly Vicki considers Emily's offhand statement on the show to be the TRUE first strike.

17. Kelly Dodd appreciated the support

Kelly Dodd appreciated the support
And Braunwyn also publicly admitted that she straight-up does not like Vicki (as we already knew). It looks like faction lines are still being drawn.

18. But ...

But ...
They don't have the solidarity of the Tres Amigas. Not yet. Braunwyn dislikes Vicki because she saw the awful DMs that Kelly's daughter got about Vicki's rumors about her mom, and Braunwyn is a dedicated mother. Emily refuses to jump onboard the Kelly hate train. And Gina has ties to both sides.

19. One thing's for sure

One thing's for sure
We don't want to get into a Twitter feud with Emily. She doesn't just clap back, she provides receipts!

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