Kelly Dodd & Emily Simpson: We're Sick of Being Angry B-tches All the Time!

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Last week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, the feud between Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd went nuclear.

This week, Kelly knows that she went too far, and even acknowledges that it's part of a pattern of behavior over the season and beyond.

Perhaps a little surprisingly, Emily Simpson feels that she's in a similar boat after receiving a huge wakeup call about her own anger.

So both women seek anger management therapy in order to learn to hold back a little more even when they're under pressure.

More importantly, they get to the root of their respective problems.

Will it really make a difference?

1. Believe it or not ...

Believe it or not ...
Kelly Dodd can recognize when she crosses some lines. In last week's episode, while Vicki was screaming "SLUT" at her at max volume, Kelly called her a "f--king pig." The other ladies recognized that Kelly should really not be targeting someone's appearance, and Kelly has acknowledged this in the past.

2. She said as much to Emily

She said as much to Emily
Kelly felt straight-up embarrassed by the way that she had conducted herself around Vicki. She knows that she has a short fuse and she wants to work on it.

3. Emily can relate

Emily can relate
Viewers don't really see this side of Emily so much -- usually, it's her husband Shane being a jerk -- but Emily says that she becomes easily frustrated with Shane, and will snap at him, and she recently had an eye-opening moment when her young daughter seemed to pick up on some of her traits. She wants to be better.

4. Braunwyn relayed the news

Braunwyn relayed the news
She confided in both Vicki and Tamra that Kelly wants to better herself and is seeking treatment for her furious behavior.

5. Tamra recommends ...

Tamra recommends ...
... "shock treatment." Notably, shock treatment can be traumatic, can cause memory loss, and is usually an effort to treat suicidal depression in order to save someone's life. It doesn't magically make you nice.

6. Vicki has another suggestion

Vicki has another suggestion
She declares that Kelly should undergo an exorcism. That's not very constructive, Vicki ...

7. She's not holding back

She's not holding back
"She's possessed with the devil or something," Vicki suggests about her biggest rival on the show.

8. Then ...

Then ...
Braunwyn first saw the feud between the women as a viewer, and then as Kelly's friend. Vicki explains things from her perspective, detailing how Kelly has hated her ever since she set up Kelly's ex-husband to go on a date.

9. So ...

So ...
Kelly and Emily sit down with licensed family therapist Mike Down for some therapy on the beach.

10. Emily opens up

Emily opens up
"With my husband, as soon as he says something that rubs me the wrong way or makes me mad, I'm so defensive and I'm so quick to snap at him," Emily reveals

11. She wants to stop

She wants to stop
"And sometimes he deserves it, but not all the time," Emily details, "and I just wanna stop doing that."

12. Emily identifies the source of her anger

Emily identifies the source of her anger
"I felt like I had a hard childhood, and I think that made me mad," Emily admits. "My dad wasn't around. He left when I was young. And my mom was a single mom."

13. There's a lot of resentment

There's a lot of resentment
"So I had all these feelings of anger, even as a kid," Emily describes. "I remember thinking, 'Why do I have to put myself on the bus? Why do I not have lunch money? Why is there no food in the house?' That makes you angry as a child."

14. Kelly can relate ... up to a point

Kelly can relate ... up to a point
Kelly also feels like she flies off the handle without a real sense of control. However, she says that she had a "really good" childhood.

15. Except for one thing ...

Except for one thing ...
""But my mom is combative, and she's sharp with her tongue," Kelly observes, "I think that's where I learn it from. I feel like, if you're gonna fight with me, it's game on."

16. Here's when Emily knew that she needed help

Here's when Emily knew that she needed help
She describes an incident in which her 6-year-old daughter, Annabelle, was yelling at her 4-year-old son, Keller. Emily saw her own behavior mirrored in her daughter.

17. It "crushed" her soul

It "crushed" her soul
"She just was like going at him," Emily recalls. "That's when I was like, there has to be a change."

18. So what's the treatment?

So what's the treatment?
Well, Mike has them do a lot of visualizing, which is not the same thing as actual, ongoing therapy but plays well enough for the cameras.

19. First ...

First ...
Mike has them both visualize those who are "easy to love." That's no problem -- Kelly pictures her daughter Jolie while Emily pictures all three of her children.

20. Then came the hard part

Then came the hard part
Mike tells them to visualize "that person or these people who are difficult to love."

21. This is where the tears start

This is where the tears start
Emily confesses that she's picturing her parents. That's pretty normal -- parenting is easy to screw up and let's be honest, only a minority of parents get it right.

22. Kelly's list was a bit longer

Kelly's list was a bit longer
She said that she was visualizing Vicki, her brother Eric, and her ex-husband, Michael.

23. Mike instructs them

Mike instructs them
He says to keep their eyes closed, keep visualizing their enemies, and "May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be peaceful."

24. Here's where Kelly gets relatable

Here's where Kelly gets relatable
She says that she'd rather punch Vicki in the face, which makes Mike laugh. (We don't mean that we want anyone to punch Vicki, but it's very natural and morally correct to not wish good things on those who have wronged you) Mike, however, warns Kelly that she's only giving Vicki power over her, and should "cultivate" calmness.

25. Emily comes to an understanding

Emily comes to an understanding
Emily explains that she's really come to terms with her drive to create a picture-perfect family, saying: "It's because I grew up in such chaos." Mike tells her that some of her expectations for herself and her family are unreasonable and she needs to let go of that image that she has in her mind.

26. Kelly confesses

Kelly confesses
"It takes everything in me not to lose my shit on [Vicki]," Kelly admits. "Like for instance, she's getting engaged, and Tamra's like, 'I really want you to go.' And I hate her! And I don't wanna hate her. I wanna act from a part of me of love and kindness."

27. That's not all

That's not all
"Another thing is my daughter," Kelly adds. "I want her to be a better form of me, and I am an example." Mike says that Jolie is the key, and that Kelly should visualize Jolie whenever she's furious with Vicki.

28. It's a breakthrough

It's a breakthrough
Kelly is even able to wish peace and happiness upon an imaginary Vicki.

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