Catelynn Lowell to Fans: Shut Up About My Marriage!

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Teen Mom 2 fans are often quick to point out signs of trouble in Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's marriage.

Obviously, that sort of speculation comes with the territory of starring on a reality show about your personal life.

Most folks would say it's a small price to pay for wealth and fame, but Catelynn insists she's getting a raw deal.

And this week, she informed her followers that the attention they pay her is ruining her life in a recent social media tirade.

So ... why doesn't Catelynn just quit if she feels that way?

Well, it's complicated.

Join us as we explore that question and more:

1. Cate is Angry

Cate is Angry
Catelynn Lowell is at it again. The short-tempered Teen Mom 2 star recently unleashed a social media tirade directed at the very fans who made her famous.

2. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
In her latest Instagram post, Lowell went OFF on her followers, paradoxically instructing them to look away from her page (which she could easily make private at any time -- just sayin').

3. Then Why Post?

Then Why Post?
"I'm sick of people talking about EVERYTHING I post and talk about and do," Lowell began, apropos of nothing.

4. And She'll Cry If She Wants To

And She'll Cry If She Wants To
"Its my page and I can do what I want," she added in the since-deleted post.

5. Taking the Bait

Taking the Bait
From there, the post took a weird turn that left many fans wondering if Catelynn was faking her outrage.

6. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
"And that being said… here’s the truth about Tyler and I. So you all have your answers," Lowell added before offering a link to a third-party blog post about her marriage.

7. Nothing New

Nothing New
Fans were disappointed by the article to which Lowell posted, as it offered mostly old information about the couple.

8. Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo
Clearly, Catelynn was paid to post the article. It's not uncommon for stars from the Teen Mom franchise to link to content on other sites in exchange for a payday.

9. Going Too Far

Going Too Far
But this time was different, and fans seemed upset for two reasons:

10. Misled

For one thing, the article itself was something of a dud. Or at the very least, it was misrepresented by Lowell, who gave fans the impression that she was offering new information and an exclusive update.

11. Selling Anger?

Selling Anger?
On top of that, Lowell's faux-outrage in presenting the piece did not sit well with fans. Is she really pissed off about the public's focus on her marriage, or is she simply pretending as a means of directing internet traffic?

12. What's the Deal?

What's the Deal?
We may never know for sure, but it's looking more and more like the latter is true.

13. Busted

As this drama was unfolding on Instagram, Catelynn was also getting called out for posting misleading clickbait on Twitter.

14. Always Hustling

Always Hustling
She's since deleted the offending tweet, in which she again linked to what she claimed was an article about her marriage, but what was instead a puff piece about her makeup venture.

15. Going Hard

Going Hard
Yes, Lowell is in self-promotion overdrive in recent weeks, endlessly pushing a variety of new business ventures on her followers.

16. Moving On Up?

Moving On Up?
She's at that stage in her career where she's thinking about life after Teen Mom and trying to make the leap from "well-off" to "full-blown wealthy."

17. Too Much, Too Soon

Too Much, Too Soon
In that respect, Cate is following in the footsteps of her colleagues, but unfortunately, she's not as business savvy as Kailyn Lowry ... or even Farrah Abraham.

18. Forgetting Her Roots?

Forgetting Her Roots?
Lowell would do well to bear in mind that as much as she might feel she's ready to move on from the show, Teen Mom 2 remains the foundation of her career.

19. Role Model Material

Role Model Material
Even Kim Kardashian has remained committed to the success of her reality series as she made the leap from friend of Paris Hilton's to global A-lister.

20. Maybe Skip the Sex Tape Part

Maybe Skip the Sex Tape Part
We're not saying Catelynn should model her career after Kim's, but ... well, she could do a lot worse.

21. Doing Fine

Doing Fine
In the meantime, Catelynn should ease up on the self-promotion. After all, she's got it much better than reality stars.

22. Not Too Shabby

Not Too Shabby
Catelynn and Tyler both earn close to half a million dollars for a season of Teen Mom 2. And they're raking in that dough while living in a region with a very low cost of living.

23. Big Bucks

Big Bucks
And on top of their salaries, Cate and Tyler make big bucks from sponsored content and other partnerships, likely bringing their household income to over $1 million.

24. We Get It

We Get It
We certainly understand Cate's desire to take things to the next level, but she should remember that that's usually a very slow process.

25. Remember What Matters

Otherwise, she runs the risk of jeopardizing the circumstances and connections that made her famous in the first place.

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