Tyler Baltierra: Sorry, Catelynn, But HELL YEAH I Want to Sleep Around!

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It seems like nearly every day we hear something new and sad about the relationship between Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

And every day, it seems worse and worse.

Even though Catelynn is pregnant, Tyler has asked for a separation.

And although he told her that he has no intentions of being with anyone else during this separation ...

Well, it kind of sounds like he's changing his tune now.

1. Middle School Sweethearts

Middle School Sweethearts
Catelynn and Tyler have been together since seventh grade, when they were 12 years old.

2. Dang

They're 26 years old now -- that means that they've been together for over half their lives, since they were children.

3. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
So yeah, they're having some big problems right now ... it's definitely understandable, considering most couples who dated in middle school only dated for about three days.

4. The Problem(s)

The Problem(s)
Things have probably never been picture perfect between them, but they started getting serious at the beginning of this year, when Catelynn returned home from a six-week stay at a treatment center in Arizona and then turned around and went back for another six weeks.

5. Alternatives?

He begged her to try therapy while still living at home, or even finding a treatment center within driving distance, but she refused, even when their daughter, Nova, was clearly still having a hard dealing with her first trip to rehab.

6. Ouch

After she left, Tyler told his sister that she was starting to remind him of their father, Butch, who was absent for most of his childhood. He also said that he wondered if they were even right for each other anymore.

7. A Question

A Question
Was that the beginning of the end? If the marriage is over, then yeah, probably.

8. Yikes

When she was off for her second stay in Arizona, she told Tyler that she'd been skipping therapy so she could stay up late and watch movies, and on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, we saw Tyler describe that behavior as "repulsing."

9. Come On, Cate

Come On, Cate
And then when she got home, he told her that his therapist suggested they watch the show together so she could see the kinds of things he'd been struggling with, but she refused because it would be too hard for her.

10. A Big Issue

A Big Issue
The general problem, and Tyler has said this several times, is that Catelynn doesn't seem to be willing to do things that are hard for her, even if it will greatly help him.

11. Awww

As he complained to some friends, “When does it ever turn around? When is it ever 50/50?! I’m saying this is what I need, awesome. If you can’t, let me know now. I don’t want to waste any time, let me get out of here. Marriage is a bitch.”

12. What Timing!

What Timing!
From that little quote alone, it's obvious that there are some serious problems in their relationship, so hey, what a great time for her to get pregnant!

13. Wow

Yep, Catelynn is pregnant, and she and Tyler are going to have a baby girl in March.

14. Harsh

Unfortunately, the pregnancy didn't do anything to endear her to him, quite the opposite -- he's been complaining on the show about how hard they were trying to avoid having another baby.

15. Moving Forward

Moving Forward
And he still told her that he wanted a trial separation, which seemed to be a pretty big blow to her.

16. Well ...

Well ...
Which, you know, fair.

17. The Rules

The Rules
As they explained it, they'd start living separately for one month after construction on their new house was done -- Tyler would move in there, and Catelynn and Nova would stay in their current home. They'd still talk, and they'd go out for dates, they'd just be living apart.

18. What Else?

What Else?
She asked him if he had someone else, someone he was interested in seeing while they were apart and that's why he wanted a separation, and he responded with “What the f—k? Do you think I would cheat on you?"

19. Right

She said that she didn't really think that, it was just such a shock to hear that she couldn't help but ask.

20. Tyler, No

Tyler, No
But thanks to a shocking new sneak peek for the next episode of Teen Mom, we're not so sure that he plans on remaining faithful.

21. A Conversation with Butch

A Conversation with Butch
The scene begins with Tyler talking with Butch, and when Butch asks if he and Catelynn planned on having another child, he responded with an emphatic "F-ck no!"

22. Too Much, Tyler

Too Much, Tyler
“I’m not gonna bring no f—king innocent kid into this s—t,” he explains. “Does this stop or hinder what process we’re doing? No. So yeah, just because the baby’s here, just because you’re pregnant, that does not mean that anything is gonna change.”

23. Intimacy

Butch kind of beats around the bush with his next question, but basically he asks him if he struggles with the fact that he's only been with woman in his whole life.

24. Uhhh ...

Uhhh ...
Tyler says that he's actually been with one other woman, which is interesting -- it's unclear if he's counting the time his sister's friend molested him or if he had another girlfriend back in the day when he and Cate used to break up from time to time.

25. Thanks, Dad

"Do you think about, ‘Man, I wish I would have been with more women?'" Butch asks.

26. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
"Yeah!" he responds, way too enthusiastically. "I want Cate when we were like 20, 21, 19, when we were like ... everything was ... I don't know."

27. A Balance

A Balance
"I’m trying to, like, figure out how I can be supportive to Cate without being destructive to me," he adds.

28. A Lot of Information

A Lot of Information
So this is quite a bit to take in, huh?

29. Hmmm

On one hand, we guess it's nice that Tyler is working so hard to save his marriage when he could have just left and filed for divorce.

30. Poor Catelynn

Poor Catelynn
On the other hand, we can't imagine how hard it will be for her to hear him talk like this, and to see him be so extremely into the idea of being with other women.

31. Prayers or Whatever

Prayers or Whatever
At this point, we just wish them both the best, whatever ends up happening ... it's just hard to see them coming back from all this.

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