Catelynn Lowell to Tyler Baltierra: You Just Want to Separate So You Can Cheat!

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Another day, another really upsetting story about Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

At one point, these two were fan favorites, and definitely the best couple on Teen Mom.

All that's been falling apart for a while, but now?

Honestly, their marriage is a great big depressing mess.

And thanks to a new report, things may be even worse than we thought.

Is Tyler cheating?!

1. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
Where do we even begin in talking about this broken marriage?

2. Hmmm

Was "broken marriage" too dramatic? Whatever, it fits.


Things between these two have been so bad for so long ... things were bad before they even got married.

4. Dang, Tyler

Dang, Tyler
Remember when they were on that Couples Therapy show and Tyler told the therapist that he was having second thoughts about marrying Catelynn because he'd never been with anyone else and that's weird?

5. Well

And yet, here we are.

6. The Turning Point?

The Turning Point?
But as much as they've struggled over the years, things took a definite turn after Cate had a miscarriage and then went for two separate six-week stays at a treatment center in Arizona.

7. Repulsing

In a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Tyler said that Cate had told him that she'd been skipping therapy there to stay up late and watch movies, and he called her behavior "repulsing."

8. Dang, Indeed

Dang, Indeed
And that was just one moment, but it pretty much sums up how their marriage is going these days.

9. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
Tyler is so repulsed by Catelynn and her apparent refusal to work on herself and their relationship that he told her he wanted to do a trial separation for one month.

10. Way Harsh

Way Harsh
Yep, even though she's pregnant.

11. The Details

The Details
To be fair, what Tyler wants doesn't sound like a real separation, because they'll still go on dates and hang out and talk all the time.

12. Also Fair

Also Fair
But Cate is still pretty anxious about it all, which is definitely understandable.

13. Right, Right

Right, Right
Mostly he just wants to live separately for a month so that they can each focus on themselves and their own personal issues with the hope that when that month is over, they can come back together, refreshed and ready to deal with everything.

14. WAIT


15. Clarification:

Really, the question is if Tyler will remain faithful, isn't it? Catelynn doesn't even want the separation and she'll be pregnant and home with Nova while Tyler lives all by himself in their new house.

16. Awww

On the show, Cate told her producer that she did text him after the separation to talk to ask him "is there somebody else," and he responded with “What the f—k? Do you think I would cheat on you?"

17. Blindsided

She doesn't think that, she said, “but it was so blindsiding" when he brought up the topic, she didn't know what to think.

18. Yay!

According to a Teen Mom insider who spoke with Hollywood Life, he was telling the truth -- he hasn't cheated, and he has no plans to cheat.

19. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
"Tyler has been getting a lot of judgement from people over wanting to take some time to live apart," the source said, "but he is not abandoning Cate and he swears he has never even come close to cheating on her."

20. Awesome

"He’s been working on his own issues with therapy just like Catelynn and this time apart is part of his own personal growth. But he is not growing away from Catelynn, he still loves her and wants their marriage to work."

21. Soulmates?

The source also said that “Tyler and Catelynn are a work in progress but no one should lose hope that their love story will continue. It’s true they have a lot of issues but they’re not headed for a divorce and are still both 100% committed to making their marriage work."

22. Better Together

Better Together
“They both know that they are better together than apart and if they ever were going to divorce it would have happened by now. It has become a relationship that they work on with each other at all times because they really want it to work."

23. How ... Sweet?

How ... Sweet?
"They understand that neither will find someone who will deal with their unique nuisances and if they have to be apart from time to time to make things work then so be it," this chatty insider explained.

24. Making It Work

Making It Work
"It is their way of working on their relationship to making it right again. They both want to make it work and are on a path to making it so."

25. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
Is all of that true, or is it just a very pro-Baltierra spin on things? Because from where we're sitting, there seems to be a very, VERY real chance that they won't be able to make things work.

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