Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian: Pregnant at the Same Time AGAIN?!

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For much of 2017 and part of 2018, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were both pregnant.

Insiders say the sisters always enjoyed a strong bond, but the joys and challenges of the past year brought them closer together than ever before.

Now, it seems the sisters loved the experience of welcoming almost-twin cousins so much that they'd like to do it all over again.

Yes, insiders say Kylie and Khloe will both be pregnant again soon -- if they're not already. 

Interestingly, the sisters have very different incentives for welcoming second children so soon.

Take a look:

1. Sisters and Moms

Sisters and Moms
Kylie welcomed her first child in February of 2018, and Khloe followed suit soon after, becoming a mom in April.

2. Surprise!

Kylie stunned the world by hinting at her pregnancy -- and then laying low for the next several months.

3. Young Mother

Young Mother
Kylie welcomed her first child at just 20 years old. She had been dating boyfriend Travis Scott for just a few months at the time of her pregnancy.

4. A Different Story

A Different Story
Khloe, of course, started her family under very different circumstances.

5. True Story

True Story
Khloe was in a stable relationship with Tristan Thompson when she learned she was pregnant with baby True.

6. Hard Times

Hard Times
Of course, that relationship became considerably less stable when Khloe learned in her third trimester that Tristan had been cheating.

7. Making It Work

Making It Work
Despite their many ups and downs, Khloe and Tristan are still together, and it seems like they may be planning to expand their family.

8. Fertilization Coordination

Fertilization Coordination
Sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan say Kylie and Khloe are once again planning to get pregnant at roughly the same time.

9. Pair of Moms

Pair of Moms
"Kylie and Khloe would love to be pregnant together again. And it seems like the timing could work out that way," an insider tells Entertainment Tonight.

10. Close Cousins

Close Cousins
"It was a real bonding experience for them, but more importantly, it’s been amazing for their daughters to be so close in age," the source continues.

11. Daughters of the Empire

Daughters of the Empire
The source goes on to say that these days, the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner family are all about churning out babies.

12. Kard Clan: The Next Jenner-ation

Kard Clan: The Next Jenner-ation
"There are so many kids/grandkids in that family, that's really where the family's attention is," the insider claims. "It's all about the next generation."

13. Different Circumstances

Different Circumstances
Of course, Kylie and Khloe became moms under radically different circumstances, and they're trying to get pregnant again for very different reasons.

14. A Pleasant Surprise

A Pleasant Surprise
Kylie got knocked up unexpectedly, but now says motherhood is the best thing that's ever happened to her.

15. A Lifelong Dream

A Lifelong Dream
Khloe, on the other hand, had had motherhood on her mind for years and was immediately ecstatic to learn she was expecting.

16. Kylie's Agenda

Kylie's Agenda
Sources close to Kylie say the 20-year-old near-billionaire wants Stormi to have a younger sibling who's close in age.

17. Baby Makers

Baby Makers
And so, Kylie and Travis are said to be hard at work on the business of making another baby.

18. Khloe's Plan

Khloe's Plan
Khloe, on the other hand, wants to welcome a second child for a different reason.

19. Clock's Ticking

Clock's Ticking
Khloe is 34, and she reportedly feels pressured by her own biological clock.

20. Keeping It Natural

Keeping It Natural
Insiders say Khloe wants to conceive naturally, and is therefore hoping to knocked up again ASAP.

21. Bonus!

Adding to Khloe's desire to welcome a second child is the fact that parenthood has reportedly done wonders for both her psyche and her relationship.

22. True Happiness

True Happiness
"Now that she's a mom, Khloe's never been happier," says one source.

23. Good Times

Good Times
"Her relationship with Tristan is so good," the insider adds.

24. Tristan Comes Through

Tristan Comes Through
"They made it through some really dark times, but she's happy that she gave him a second chance because he's stepped up and is not only an amazing father to True, but he's been such a rock for Khloe," the source says.

25. Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed
"It was a difficult journey [for Khloe] to get pregnant the first time, so she's aware it may take some time again," the tipster continues.

26. That Said ...

That Said ...
"She doesn't want to delay trying. That being said, she's not putting any pressure on herself or overthinking it. It will happen when it happens," the source concludes. We wish both Kylie and Khloe all the luck in the world!

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