Ryan Edwards: Happy, Healthy, Hanging With Fans Post-Rehab!

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Well, this is a welcome surprise.

As you may have heard, Ryan Edwards left rehab last month after completing 90 days of treatment.

Ryan's been in rehab before, of course, and the last time, he relapsed almost immediately.

Needless to say, there was widespread concern that history would repeat itself.

But this time, it looks as though the troubled Teen Mom OG star is genuinely committed to the hard work of recovery.

Take a look:

1. Ryan's Back

Ryan's Back
Ryan Edwards is out of treatment, and sources say he looks happier and healthier than ever. The famously short-tempered star has even been posing for pics with fans!

2. With Fans

With Fans
Multiple Teen Mom OG viewers who live near Ryan have posted photos of the star hanging out in fast food restaurants in recent weeks. Hey, as long as he stays sober!

3. He's Been Working Out, Too

He's Been Working Out, Too
One fan wrote on Facebook, "I was working out at the gym and happened to see Ryan from Teen Mom OG. What a small world!"

4. Turning It Around

Turning It Around
The fan's friend seconded her observations, writing, "My friend just met Ryan. He actually looks healthy."

5. Local Legend

Local Legend
Staff at the Hardee's where Ryan was spotted were equally jazzed.

6. Famous Biscuits

Famous Biscuits
"Ryan from Teen Mom came into Hardee's today so of course we had to take pictures!!" wrote one fan. "Oh and he got one of my Famous biscuits I made!!!!!!!!!"

7. Back With Mack

Back With Mack
Of course, no one is happier to have Ryan home in Chattanooga than Mackenzie Standifer.

8. Standifer Speaks Out

Standifer Speaks Out
While Ryan has (probably wisely) steered clear of social media, Mackenzie has taken to Instagram to answer fans' questions about his recovery.

9. Not Mincing Words

Not Mincing Words
Asked how she handled the frequent fan criticism of Ryan, Mackenzie was blunt in her reply.

10. We Get the Bill Paying Part ...

We Get the Bill Paying Part ...
"I don’t give a rip what some keyboard warrior thinks. They don’t wipe my ass or pay my bills. I know me and my family knows me," Standifer wrote.

11. Helpful Dad

Helpful Dad
Asked if Ryan has been helpful with new baby Jagger, Mack replied, "He’s the biggest help. I love this man."

12. We're Curious Ourselves ...

We're Curious Ourselves ...
One fan asked a question that neither Ryan or Mackenzie has ever answered publicly before -- did she know who he was when they met?

13. Good Point

Good Point
"Who would think that a 30-year-old man would be on a show called Teen Mom?" she answered. "I had no clue. Soon it’ll probably be Teen Grandma."

14. The Hard Questions

The Hard Questions
From there, things really got personal, with one fan asking Mackenzie why she didn't leave Ryan when he was struggling with addiction.

15. An Impassioned Response

An Impassioned Response
"Do you burn your house down when it’s dirty? No," she wrote.

16. Not Giving Up

Not Giving Up
"Do you set your car on fire when it needs a new part? No," she continued. "Just because someone has a problem doesn’t give you an excuse to give up."

17. Solid Advice

Solid Advice
Asked what advice she has for people who are helping a loved one who's struggling with addiction, Mack replied, "You will never be able to save them. you can be their support though."

18. Future Plans

Future Plans
One fan asked Mackenzie if she plans on writing a book or starting a YouTube channel so that she can tell her story without interference from MTV.

19. Mack's Got Jokes

Mack's Got Jokes
"If I wrote a book about my life experiences from 18 to now, it would have to come with a free coupon for anxiety medication," Standifer responded.

20. Teen Mom No More

Teen Mom No More
Ryan and Mackenzie's future on Teen Mom OG is uncertain and many fans wanted to know what Ryan will do if he'll no longer be a reality star.

21. Job Experience

Job Experience
"Ryan is a certified diesel mechanic and did a lineman apprenticeship," Standifer answered.

22. Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead
While it's good that he has a plan, returning to the workforce in your 30s after a spending most of your adult life as a TV star is probably much easier said than done.

23. One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time
The important thing now, of course, is for Ryan to focus on his sobriety.

24. Off the Wagon

Off the Wagon
Some fans have expressed concern over reports that Edwards was spotted drinking at a restaurant in his hometown.

25. Whatver the Case ...

Whatver the Case ...
Those reports remain unconfirmed, however. We wish Ryan all the best in his recovery.

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