Twitter Claims to Know Who Threatened Stormy Daniels... and The Answer May Shock You!

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Back in late March, Stormy Daniels sat down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes.

The adult film star said at the time that a man approached her in 2011 in a parking lot and basically threatened her life, lest she remain silent about her affair with Donald Trump.

Daniels says this was a harrowing experience and she would recognize the man instantly if she ever saw him again.

Fast forward a few weeks and Daniels has described this man to a sketch artist.

She says he stands between 5'9" and six feet and is "lean, but fit."

He also may be the winner of five Super Bowls and the quarterback considered by man to be the greatest in NFL history?

Possibly, if you believe a bunch of social media users.

Scroll down for a look at the sketch an artist has created of the man and to gauge the reactions of many folks on the Internet, some of whom think Boston police need to go have a few works with Tom Brady...

1. A Quick Refresher

A Quick Refresher
Stormy Daniels is a porn star who alleges that she slept with Donald Trump in 2011, while he was married to Melania Trump. She says Trump's attorney paid her $130,000 in late 2016 in exchange for her silence on this affair.


Daniels says the non-disclosure agreement she signed is not legally valid because Trump himself did not sign it and she is now free to tell her story.

3. And This is Exactly What She is Doing

And This is Exactly What She is Doing
Daniels has claimed she passed a lie detector test (see above photo) that backed up her claim and refuses to rest until the world believes she both slept with Trump and was HEAVILY pressured to stay quiet about the sex.

4. Enter the Sketch

Enter the Sketch
This is a photo of the man Daniels says told her to shut up about Trump... "or else." She says he made it clear that it was in her best interest to be quiet or her daughter might grow up without a mother. YIKES!

5. Enter Some Theories

Enter Some Theories
The most prominent of these theories? That Tom Brady is the man in the sketch! (No, really, this individual is not the only person to Tweet this... as you're about to find out.)

6. Real Tom vs. Rumored Tom

Real Tom vs. Rumored Tom
The first sketch here was actually of Tom Brady. HA! This second, Stormy-inspired sketch more closely resembles the football star, don't you agree?

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