Andrew Glennon: Mystery Girlfriend Revealed?!

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The breakup of the relationship between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon has been an absolute disaster.

And it happened almost three months ago, so you'd think it'd be pretty much done, right?


Because Amber is so awful, and because Andrew has to be involved with her at least through two court cases, it's been dragging on and on.

And we bet Amber is going to absolutely lose her mind of this new development ...

1. What a Ride

What a Ride
Amber has never been a good girlfriend -- not with Gary, not with Matt, and certainly not with Andrew. As we know now, she abused him for most of their relationship.

2. But First ...

But First ...
We'll get into all that history, but before we do, let's just start with the thing that tipped us off to Amber's abuse of Andrew -- the arrest.

3. Psych!

Yep, Amber has gone on and on for the past few years about how much prison changed her, but on the morning of July 5th, she was arrested for domestic violence.

4. There It Is

There It Is
According to Andrew's story, she got really angry over not being able to go to a fireworks display on the Fourth of July, and so she beat him with a shoe while he was holding their one-year-old son, James.

5. Wow

She also threatened to kill herself and even took a handful of pills, but when Andrew threatened to call 911 she threw them back up.

6. Yikes

For her grand finale, she allegedly chased Andrew, who was still holding James, into another room with a machete she kept by her bed, just in case of emergencies.

7. Insane, Huh?

Insane, Huh?
She's denied the machete part, calling it "insane" even, but one of the three felonies she was charged with include "criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon" and police have photos from inside the home as evidence -- that means they probably saw the machete, right?

8. More Yikes

And besides, thanks to the recordings that have been released of Amber going off on Andrew, we know she has quite the collection of blades -- if you listen to this recording, you can hear Andrew saying that she destroyed one of their security cameras with a sword, and she admits that she did. She also threatens to stab him, so there's that.

9. And This

In this recording, she can actually be heard hitting Andrew before threatening to stab him in the neck.

10. So Awful

And here's the most recent recording that's been released -- in this one, they talk about how she punched him in the face while he was driving to Leah's elementary school. This happened at the beginning of her last school year, so yeah, this has been happening for quite a while.

11. What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
Right now, Amber is facing several years in prison. Like we said, she's been charged with three felonies, and she's been convicted of two felonies in the past, so it's not looking great.

12. This, Too

This, Too
And besides that, she could end up losing custody of James. Right now she only has supervised visits with him, and Andrew has put in a request to move with him back to his home in California.

13. Good

When you look at everything like this, all the evidence and Amber's history of violence, it just looks really, really bad, right?

14. Ouch

So bad that the only defense Amber's been able to make is that Andrew cheated on her.

15. Oooh

Yes, after being arrested for assaulting him while he was holding the baby and after everyone's heard so many awful things she's said to him, that's the defense -- that he cheated on her, so he must have deserved it, right?

16. Gross

She made a quick Instagram Live video a few weeks ago in which she smugly told her followers that she has proof of him cheating, and on the Teen Mom OG reunion, she told Dr. Drew that he already has a new girlfriend -- she said she's already met her, and that she's "nice."

17. Riiiiight

Because, oh yeah, Amber apparently believes that getting a new girlfriend after she was arrested for assaulting him and he got a restraining order against her qualifies as "cheating."

18. Man

Besides, it's since been revealed that he isn't even seeing anyone -- he was messaging a woman who claimed to have been in a similar situation and the story was leaked. Rumor has it that Amber set the whole thing up, paying the woman to reach out to him so she could get some "dirt" on him.

19. Ugh

It's just so dumb, but Amber really did fixate on that angle to make herself look better.

20. However ...

However ...
But now ... might there be some truth there?!

21. Awww!

Andrew posted this new photo of James being his adorable self this weekend -- take in the cuteness, but then notice the lady in the background on the left.

22. Interesting!

A new girlfriend, perhaps?!

23. A Conspiracy?

A Conspiracy?
If you check out the comments on the post, a lot of people are mocking other comments about making a big deal about the woman, but there aren't any of those comments to be found, so it seems like Andrew may be removing them.

24. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
And that's fair -- people who, for some inexplicable reason, are still supporting Amber have been saying some seriously awful things to him and about him.

25. Also ...

Also ...
And really, the odds are that the woman pictured here isn't a girlfriend.

26. Facts

Let's consider everything here -- one, if you look, you can see there are actually two women in the background. That makes it less likely it's a hot date, huh? Well, that along with James being front and center.

27. Another Point

Another Point
Two, there was another little scandal where some people thought he'd gotten another girlfriend when a woman's hand was seen in a photo of James. It turned out that woman was his neighbor who had, you know, been neighborly and invited them over for dinner.

28. No!

Three, and this one is really wild, but sometimes, believe it or not, men and women can just be friends. Like they can hang out together with zero romance involved. Could that be what's happening here?

29. Still ...

Still ...
But the thing is that even if this woman in his girlfriend, even if he confirmed it and posted a photo of them kissing or whatever -- who cares?

30. Seriously Though

Seriously Though
He's single, he's recovering from an abusive relationship ... yeah, Amber keeps trying to make the idea of him dating someone else into a big deal, but what does it really matter?

31. Real Talk

Real Talk
It's not like he could come even close to being as reprehensible as Amber.

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