The Fappening: 11 Lessons We Learned From the Nude Photo Scandal

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Hundreds of nude photos were leaked online recently as the result of a massive hacking scandal. Here are some lessons we learned from the incident.

1. Justin Verlander Loves the Ladies

JV is a varsity-level ladies' man. Not only has he bagged Kate Upton the hacking scandal revealed that Verlander had taken nude photos of several of his other conquests.

3. McKayla Maroney Thinks Jesus Saves (Hackers)

McKayla claims the supposed photos of her are fakes. Even so, she's pissed, and she posted a hilarious tweet informing the hacker that he "needs Jesus."

4. Not Everyone Wants The World to See Them Naked

Sure, Kim Kardashian used "leaked" nudity to boost her career, but some women would rather succeed by virtue of their talent and hard work. Crazy, right?

5. The Cloud Can Betray You

Did you see the movie Sex Tape. Well, neither did anyone else, but hear it's all about how the Apple's iCloud can lead to embarrassment. We're guessing some selfie-happy stars are wishing they'd watched the flick.

6. Hope Solo's Got Booty for Days

Thankfully, most of the leaked pics have been removed by now. However, we will miss the sight of Hope Solo's bare badokadonk.

7. Twitter REALLY Loves Nudity

A Twitter page for "The Fappening" had thousands of followers within an hour of its creation. The account has since been suspended.

8. Fake Ariana Grande Nudes Are Gonna Keep Happening

This is the second time that phony Ariana naked pics have hit the Internet. Sadly, that'll probably be a recurring trend throughout the singer's career.

9. Rihanna Has No F--ks to Give

Did you even hear that RiRi was one of the alleged hacking victims? Probably not, because she didn't respond to the scandal in any way. Plus, we've all seen her naked before!

10. Be Naked, But Be Careful!

Taking nudie pics with your partner can be a fun bonding experience, but learn from J-Law's example and exercise caution! Maybe this whole episode will spark a resurgence in Polaroid sales.

11. Did We Mention Kate Upton's Boobs?

Seriously, they're pretty great.

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