Teen Mom OG Recap: Ryan Edwards Is Out of Jail ... But Far From Okay

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Back in November of 2018, Ryan Edwards left rehab after completing 90 days of treatment.

Family, friends, and fans were cautiously optimistic, but sadly, their worst fears were confirmed when Edwards was arrested just weeks after leaving treatment.

Ryan wound up serving 90 days behind bars, and on this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, he was finally able to return to his family.

But his homecoming was not the joyous occasion his wife and parents might have expected.

Take a look:

1. The Road Back

The Road Back
Following a year that nearly cost him everything, Ryan Edwards is finally on the road to recovery. But as Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG reminded us, the process has not been an easy one.

2. Victim of the System

Victim of the System
Like so many addicts, Ryan has been thrown into a system that victimizes and further traumatizes people who struggle with substance abuse. For much of the past year, he's suffered punishments that have been definitively proven to increase the likelihood of a relapse.

3. A Second Chance

A Second Chance
But unlike so many others who have been imprisoned for non-violent drug-related offenses, Ryan has been offered an opportunity to rebuild his life.

4. A Shot at Recovery

A Shot at Recovery
And his likelihood for success is dramatically increased by the fact that he's surrounded by a strong network of supporters.

5. A New Chapter

A New Chapter
On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan returned home after spending 90 days behind bars on possession and probation violation charges.

6. Tough Times Ahead

Tough Times Ahead
Of course, recovery is a challenge not only for the addict but for his loved ones, as well -- a fact that Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, seems all too aware of.

7. Realistic Expectations

Realistic Expectations
“I’m not expecting this to be some miracle when he comes home, and it’s all back to normal,” Standifer said during Monday's episode.

8. More Like a Few Months

More Like a Few Months
“It’s gonna take a few weeks to decompress," she added.

9. Kids Involved

Kids Involved
Of course, Ryan's situation is complicated by the fact that he has two children and a stepson.

10. Real Concern

Real Concern
That puts his baby mama Maci Bookout in a difficult spot.

11. Rock and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place
Obviously, Maci wants to be supportive of her son's father ... but she's also worried about Ryan being alone with Bentley.

12. A Simple Request

A Simple Request
As she explained on Monday's episode, what Maci primarily wants is for Ryan to have an honest conversation with Bentley about his recent struggles.

13. The Chain of Command

The Chain of Command
She stated that she realizes Ryan is unlikely to do that on his own so she would like for his wife and parents to prod him in that direction.

14. The Path Forward

The Path Forward
“What I would love for them to do is say, ‘Hey Ryan, the second that Bentley gets over here, you need to have a f–king conversation with him," she said.

15. Man Up

Man Up
"'Man up, apologize, you need to talk to this child.’ But they’re not gonna do that,” she said.

16. Serious Trauma

Serious Trauma
Unfortunately, clearing the air with his son was not Ryan's top priority following his release -- and for good reason.

17. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
Ryan revealed to Mackenzie that he witnessed horrific things during his time in prison, including the violent death of a close friend.

18. Making Matters Worse

Making Matters Worse
Ryan's friend reportedly died after being stabbed ten times, and while Edwards refused to talk about the incident on camera, Mackenzie revealed the depth of his despair in a conversation with a TMOG producer.

19. Signs of Distress

Signs of Distress
“He won’t leave the house,” Mackenzie said. “It’s just classic anxiety. … It’s sad to watch somebody go through all of this.”

20. A Complex Situation

A Complex Situation
Of course, Ryan's trauma in no way alleviates the suffering of his two young sons, a fact that Maci is all too aware of.

21. Insufficient Response?

Insufficient Response?
When Bentley returned home from his visit with Ryan, Maci learned that the only explanation he had received was, “Daddy’s going through a lot.”

22. Maci's Rage

Maci's Rage
“Ryan is a grown-ass man. Ryan and his family think that he can go to rehab and then do his jail time and come home, and everything should be perfectly fine,” Maci explained.

23. A Legitimate Complaint?

A Legitimate Complaint?
“They seem to forget that Ryan hasn’t been there for [Bentley’s] entire life," she continued.

24. A Thorny Issue

A Thorny Issue
On social media, Maci was accused of insensitivity, but it's not hard to see why she may have been upset on her son's behalf.

25. No Easy Answers

No Easy Answers
Like addiction itself, Ryan's situation is complicated and it's created numerous victims. But it seems unlikely that anyone has suffered more than Edwards himself.

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