The Real Housewives of Orange County Shocker: Who Got Demoted?

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We hope you're sitting down for this, The Real Housewives of Orange County fans.

We hope you didn't just take a sip of any sort of beverage because, if this did just occur, you may very well spit it out all over your keyboard in a few moments.

Because do we ever have a major casting shocker to pass along!

On Tuesday, July 2, Bravo announced the main lineup for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 -- and one major name is missing.

Scroll down for a look at the promotional photos for upcoming episodes, along with official teasers from Bravo executives and the reveal of which veteran star is no longer, well, a star...

1. Here They Are!

Here They Are!
Say hello to the main cast members on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14.

2. Who's the Newbie?

Who's the Newbie?
Braunwyn Windham-Burke has joined the cast. A mother of seven, she and husband Sean share teenagers Jacob, Rowan and Bella, twins Caden and Curran, toddler Koa and baby Hazel.

3. Shannon Returns!

Shannon Returns!
Shannon will be back for Season 14. She'll also be forty pounds lighter and back on the dating scene.

4. And Kelly, Too!

And Kelly, Too!
Kelly also back... but OFF the market. She'll be debuting her relationship with some plastic surgeon named Dr. Brian on the program.

5. And Tamra, Too!

And Tamra, Too!
Look for Tamra to get caught in the middle of Vicki and Kelly — along with her sons Ryan and Spencer — during season 14. The good news, however? Tamra’s husband, Eddie Judge, will be on the mend after struggling with a heart condition during season 13.

6. And Gina Kirschenheitr!

And Gina Kirschenheitr!
Gina Kirschenheitr was arrested for drunk driving during the filming of Season 14. She'll be leaning on her colleagues for support.

7. What Will Be Up with Emily?

What Will Be Up with Emily?
As Emily and her husband, Shane, approach a decade of marriage, the couple’s marital issues will dramatically overshadow their landmark anniversary.

8. Wait, Where's Vicki Gunvalson?

Wait, Where's Vicki Gunvalson?
EXACTLY. She has been demoted as a full-time cast member and will only make cameos during the season.

9. For Real?!?

For Real?!?

10. But She's Been a Leading Lady Since 2006!

But She's Been a Leading Lady Since 2006!
Yes, we know.

11. How Does Vicki Feel About This?

How Does Vicki Feel About This?
“For the past 14 years I’ve opened up my life, my loves, my ups and downs on The Real Housewives of Orange County and I am proud to be the ‘OG of the OC’,” she wrote on Instagram after the news hit.

12. And Then She Added:

And Then She Added:
“I am back again this season right in the middle of the action, and I hope you have as much fun watching the show as I did living it in front of the cameras. Stay tuned to Bravo August 6th.”

13. But We WILL See Vicki on Season 14?

But We WILL See Vicki on Season 14?
Oh yes. Her feud with Kelly is actually featured prominently in the first trailer, which included Dodd screaming at one point: "I don’t do cocaine, and I’m not a f-cking whore!"

14. What Else Do We Know About Season 14?

What Else Do We Know About Season 14?
Bravo has released an official synopsis. Here is whay it says about Judge: "Tamra is moving on up, as she settles into her new home behind the gates of the neighborhood that started it all, Coto de Caza. With Eddie’s heart condition on the mend, she finds herself nursing the relationships around her as she is caught in the middle, not only at home with her two sons Ryan and Spencer arguing over their beliefs, but also with Vicki and Kelly, who both refuse to back down."

15. Let's Talk About Shannon, Shall We?

Let's Talk About Shannon, Shall We?
Take it away, Bravo! "Having shed over forty pounds and the baggage of her marriage, Shannon is back on the fun bus as she juggles her many suitors. It’s her year of transformation, as she tightens and lightens and does her best to avoid the negativity around her. After enjoying her short stint of the single life, Kelly has ditched her “bench” in favor of her new boyfriend, Dr. Brian, a plastic surgeon. Still reeling from the accusations at last year’s reunion, more shocking allegations are spread about Kelly causing her to reassess how she deals with anger."

16. How is Gina Doing?

How is Gina Doing?
"Powering her way through a difficult year, Gina leans on the ladies more than ever as she opens up about her heartache and mistakes," Bravo teases. "She finds an unlikely ally in the group as her other friendships are put to the test."

17. Bring on the Emily Tea!

Bring on the Emily Tea!
"With Shane busy studying for the California Bar exam, Emily carries the full load of her home life, functioning as a single mother to her three young kids and step kids," the description reads. "As Emily and her husband approach their ten years of marriage, his absence weighs on her, overshadowing their landmark anniversary."

18. And This Braunwyn Person?

And This Braunwyn Person?
"Brought into the group through Kelly, new housewife Braunwyn is a mother of seven with a full house including a baby, toddler, twin kindergarteners and three teenagers. When she is not escaping to her love shack with husband Sean, Braunwyn is always ready for a mom’s night out as she gets to know these OC ladies in more ways than one."

19. And, Finally, Vicki...

And, Finally, Vicki...
"Vicki finds herself in the hot seat once again after hopping on the rumor mill train. But she doesn’t let that detour her way to happiness as her love tank is full when Steve finally pops the question that she has been eager to hear."

20. Looking for a Glimpse Ahead at Season 14?

Check out the official trailer here!

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