Teen Mom OG Recap: Ryan Edwards Gets Arrested AGAIN!

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Teen Mom OG is back, folks!

And you know what that means -- more legal trouble for Ryan Edwards!

Monday night's episode depicted Edwards' arrest back in January -- the one that landed him behind bars for almost three months.

Obviously, we knew from the start that it was a sad situation, but we don't know just how sad it was until last night.

The show put the focus on the many people who were let down by Ryan's latest relapse and the ways in which their lives were affected.

Here's a quick look at how it all went down:

1. The Family Man

The Family Man
After 90 days in rehab, it looked as though Ryan would be content to return to the life of a husband and father. But it wasn't long before his old restlessness returned.

2. Making Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time
Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, laughed about Ryan forcing her into therapy, but she was clearly happy to have him back -- and not just to "change some diapers," as she jokingly claimed.

3. Mackenzie Making Moves

Mackenzie Making Moves
For obvious reasons, Mackenzie was intent on ensuring that Ryan remained sober, and it seems she believed that maintaining a strong connection to both of his sons would be crucial to his efforts to keep clean.

4. Maci In the Middle

Maci In the Middle
So even though Ryan is not supposed to have any contact with Maci according to the terms of his restraining order, Mackenzie reached out to his ex to try and re-open the lines of communication.

5. Strict Terms

Strict Terms
After issuing death threats to Maci's husband, Ryan was not even supposed to contact her through a third party, but clearly, Bookout shares Standifer's opinion that it's crucial he continue to have a relationship with his eldest son.

6. Understandably Frustrated

Understandably Frustrated
"Technically, he's not supposed to and I was like, 'Okay, yeah, sure.' He said he would like to meet with me," she explained at one point.

7. Every Right to Be

Every Right to Be
"He had a lot of stuff that he wanted to say and apologize for but I'm not sure I'm in a place where I can keep my shit together. I'm still angry," Maci continued.

8. Mad Maci

Mad Maci
"There are two things you don't f--k with when it comes to me: my kids and my husband. And he has done both," Bookout added.

9. Making It Work

Making It Work
Meanwhile, Ryan and Mackenzie did their best to get back to normal with a night on the town.

10. Pick Jagger

Pick Jagger
Of course, Mackenzie welcomed a son while Ryan was in rehab, so the couple was not alone on their date night.

11. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Standifer became concerned when the newly-rehabbed Edwards ordered a beer with dinner. When she confirmed that it was "not a good look" he explained, "I just want a beer with my steak,"

12. Long Overdue

Long Overdue
It was then that Ryan expressed his remorse for his many, many mistakes, saying, "I apologize for putting you through that. You did some tough things by yourself. I'm proud of you. You should be proud of yourself,"

13. Setting Things Right

Setting Things Right
"I'm glad to be home, I'm happy," he continued. "I still haven't gotten to talk to Maci, I've asked a few times."

14. Putting It Mildly

Putting It Mildly
"I had done some pretty shady shit, making amends as the little 12 step thing would say, things I've done wrong," Ryan went on. "I've pretty much made mine to you, do you think I could do anything, you know?"

15. Mack's Stand

Mack's Stand
It was then that Mack informed Ryan she would need to see less talk and more action. He would have to PROVE to her that his 90 days in rehab were not "a waste."

16. Maci's Decision

Maci's Decision
Meanwhile, Maci was still agonizing over the decision of whether or not to allow her son Bentley to visit with his unstable father.

17. Tough Call

Tough Call
"I don't trust him, I don't want to put Bentley in a situation where he gets his hopes up and gets let down," she said.

18. Moot Point

Moot Point
But before she could reach a decision, Ryan was arrested again, this time on charges related to heroin possession and skipping out on a bar tab.

19. The Last Straw

The Last Straw
"The fact that he's already had 5,000 chances, you can't afford to make petty mistakes," an enraged Maci said to her husband after learning of the arrest. "You don't have that luxury anymore. This is gonna suck because we're gonna have to figure out when and how and what to tell Bentley.

20. Poor Bentley

Poor Bentley
"I think this is the first time he really had his hopes up," she added. "Is it bad I don't feel like he'll be surprised?"

21. Pure Outrage

Pure Outrage
"I told Bentley Ryan got arrested. Imagine how hard it would be to tell your f--king child that," Bookout later told a friend. "Nobody wants to do that. Bentley is not 4 anymore, he understands. I am angry for him because he's a child."

22. Mama Bear Mode

Mama Bear Mode
"If you thought I'd bite your head off for me, then you have no idea what I will do for my son," she fumed. "The anger that's still there, the ugly anger, it's not about me, it's about Bentley. Probably until the day I die I'll want to punch Ryan in the f--king throat."

23. Good Point

Good Point
"I'm also curious why he was drinking Jack and Coke at noon on a Wednesday," Maci said of her hard-partying ex. "Dude, Bentley was on Christmas break when this happened ... pretty sure you could have found a lot of ways to do some shit with your kids on that Wednesday."

24. The Future

The Future
Considering the possibility of allowing Bentley to meet with Ryan in the future, Maci said, "No part of me wants to do it, but part of me thinks I should do it for Bentley. But there are a lot of things that went down with Bentley that I'm like mama bear bad about and to be honest with you, I don't have a damn thing I want to say to him."

25. Another Second Chance

Another Second Chance
After serving 90 days behind bars, Ryan was released from jail in April. Here's hoping that this time around, he'll be able to keep his nose clean for the sake of his sons.

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