Teen Mom OG Recap: Ryan Edwards Gets Arrested AGAIN!

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Teen Mom OG is back, folks!

And you know what that means -- more legal trouble for Ryan Edwards!

Monday night's episode depicted Edwards' arrest back in January -- the one that landed him behind bars for almost three months.

Obviously, we knew from the start that it was a sad situation, but we don't know just how sad it was until last night.

The show put the focus on the many people who were let down by Ryan's latest relapse and the ways in which their lives were affected.

Here's a quick look at how it all went down:

1. The Family Man

The Family Man
After 90 days in rehab, it looked as though Ryan would be content to return to the life of a husband and father. But it wasn't long before his old restlessness returned.

2. Making Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time
Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, laughed about Ryan forcing her into therapy, but she was clearly happy to have him back -- and not just to "change some diapers," as she jokingly claimed.

3. Mackenzie Making Moves

Mackenzie Making Moves
For obvious reasons, Mackenzie was intent on ensuring that Ryan remained sober, and it seems she believed that maintaining a strong connection to both of his sons would be crucial to his efforts to keep clean.

4. Maci In the Middle

Maci In the Middle
So even though Ryan is not supposed to have any contact with Maci according to the terms of his restraining order, Mackenzie reached out to his ex to try and re-open the lines of communication.

5. Strict Terms

Strict Terms
After issuing death threats to Maci's husband, Ryan was not even supposed to contact her through a third party, but clearly, Bookout shares Standifer's opinion that it's crucial he continue to have a relationship with his eldest son.

6. Understandably Frustrated

Understandably Frustrated
"Technically, he's not supposed to and I was like, 'Okay, yeah, sure.' He said he would like to meet with me," she explained at one point.

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