David Eason Accuses Barbara Evans of Child Abuse, Teases "New Evidence" In Court

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It's been almost two months since Jenelle Evans and David Eason lost custody of their children, and for the most part, the ensuing legal battle has played out exactly as we expected.

But there's one aspect of the hearings that we very much did not see coming:

For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Jenelle and David appear to be having fun.

On social media, they're posting as much as ever, partying on "The Land" while their kids continue to live with relatives.

And in court, the Easons are playing detective, hinting at "new evidence" and issuing wild allegations against the people who are caring for their children.

Take a look at the latest insanity from this increasingly shocking case:

1. The Eason Family

The Eason Family
The Easons were the subject of abuse and neglect rumors for years before CPS removed their children from "The Land" back in May.

2. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
The move came after David shot and killed the family dog, prompting a CPS investigation that revealed deplorable living conditions for the three kids who were living with the Easons at that time.

3. Decisive Action

Decisive Action
The kids have all been placed with relatives, and the Easons are currently battling for custody.

4. All In

All In
And in a move that should surprise no one, David and Jenelle are doing everything in their power to make the experience absolutely miserable for the kids' caretakers.

5. David's Call

A 911 recording obtained by TMZ reveals that David recently called the cops on Barbara Evans under bizarre circumstances.

6. Trapped In the Closet

Trapped In the Closet
David claims that Barbara locked 2-year-old Ensley in a closet so that she could take a shower and then was unable to open the door and let the toddler out.

7. David's Take

David's Take
David made it clear in the call that -- based on information he's received from stepson Jace -- he believes Babs is guilty of child abuse.

8. An Official Report

An Official Report
During the call, David appears very concerned with ensuring that a police report is filed against Barbara, probably so that it can be used against her in court.

9. Team Effort

Team Effort
And in news that's unlikely to surprise anyone, that was not the first time that the Easons called the cops on Babs.

10. Jenelle's Call

Jenelle recently requested a welfare check on her son and daughter who live with Babs. Nine-year-old Jace has been with Barbara since he was an infant, while Ensley has been under her care ever since the CPS investigation.

11. Why the Sudden Uncertainty?

Why the Sudden Uncertainty?
Having raised Jace for nearly a decade, Babs has obviously demonstrated that she's capable of raising a child -- but Jenelle and David are suddenly very concerned about her ability to do so.

12. The Colin Factor

The Colin Factor
Jenelle and David have claimed that their concern is partially the result of Jenelle's older brother Colin, who also lives with Barbara.

13. Cause For Concern?

Cause For Concern?
Jenelle says her brother is mentally unstable and it's not safe for her children to share a roof with him.

14. Up To No Good?

Up To No Good?
But many who are familiar with the case say Jenelle simply doesn't want Barbara to "win" by obtaining permanent custody of Barbara.

15. "New Evidence"

These latest developments may help explain why David and Jenelle left the courtroom beaming and boasting of "new evidence" after Tuesday's hearing.

16. Always Scheming

Always Scheming
Insiders close to the case claim that Jenelle and David have also hatched a plan to coax a key witness over to their side and demonstrate the incompetence of investigators.

17. Of Course They Are

Of Course They Are
“Jenelle and David are digging into a government worker’s past who is involved in the case,” says the source.

18. Old News

Old News
“They claim to have found a criminal record from a decade ago,” the source continues.

19. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
It's unclear what Jenelle and David plan to do with this old criminal record, but you can be sure it's shady.

20. It's Too Much

It's Too Much
We won't bother to point out the irony of a couple with dozens of mug shots between them attempting to exploit someone else's criminal past.

21. Running Out of Clothes?

Running Out of Clothes?
But we will point out that David has been spending so much time in court lately that he's been forced to start wearing his wedding clothes!

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