Amber Portwood Welcomes Son: First Pics & Cast Reactions!

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Earlier this week, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood welcomed a baby boy.

It's her second child, and the first for her baby daddy, Andrew Glennon.

Today, Amber released the first photos of little James Andrew Glennon (or JAG, as we like to call him), and fans can't get enough of her newest bundle of joy.

Amber's co-stars have also been gushing about baby James.

In fact, even Portwood's biggest rivals appear to have offered an olive branch in honor of the latest addition to the Teen Mom OG  family ...


1. Amber Portwood and Son

Amber Portwood and Son
Amber Portwood has welcomed a son. Little James Andrew Glennon is her second child, and the first for the baby's father, Andrew Glennon.

2. Sweet Baby James!

Sweet Baby James!
Amber obviously couldn't be happier about her new arrival. In pictures with little James, she's positively beaming.

3. Leah and James

Leah and James
Leah tweeted this pic of her daughter, Leah, enjoying the company of her new little brother. "Big Sis and little James! She was so excited to meet her little brother!" Amber captioned the pic.

4. All the Support

All the Support
Obviously, Amber hasn't always been a fan favorite, but Teen Mom viewers have been outspoken in their love and support as she once again embarks down the path of motherhood.

5. The Name James, Though...

The Name James, Though...
Some have expressed hope that Amber will begin referring to her child in less formal fashion, but it seems she's sticking with "James." We see their point - it's a bit like meeting a baby girl named Karen - but it's her prerogative.

6. Back to the Positive

Back to the Positive
But all that's just nit-picking. For the most part, fans have had nothing but kind words for the growing Portwood-Glennon clan. In fact, Amber has received praise from some very unlikely sources ...

7. Gary Cares

Gary Cares
For one thing, Amber's first baby daddy, Gary Shirley, offered kind words on social media. We assume he meant to say "stinkin' cute" ... but maybe not.

8. The Shirleys Are Smitten

The Shirleys Are Smitten
Gary's wife, Kristina Shirley, was also taken with lil Jimmy. Clearly, the guy is quite a charmer!

9. Uncle Bubby

Uncle Bubby
And of course, Amber's beloved brother, Sean Portwood, couldn't have been more excited about his new nephew.

10. The OG Moms

The OG Moms
As for Amber's TMOG castmates, everyone offered messages of love and congratulations, except for one not-so-surprising holdout...

11. Love From Maci

Love From Maci
"Amber and Andrew look sooo happy congrats to them!" Bookout tweeted.

12. Congrats From Catelynn

Congrats From Catelynn
"Congratulations @AmberLPortwood I am SO happy for you!" Catelynn Lowell tweeted.

13. Teen Mom 2 Came to the Party

Teen Mom 2 Came to the Party
Yes, even the ladies of TM2 had kind words to offer Amber. Or perhaps we should say "mostly" kind words...

14. A Rarely-Seen Side of Jenelle

A Rarely-Seen Side of Jenelle
Jenelle Evans gave Amber a shoutout on Twitter. She should try being friendly more often!

15. Leah's Excited!

Leah's Excited!
And of course, the always-bubbly Leah Messer was effusive in her love and praise for Amber.

16. Wordy Kail

Wordy Kail
Kailyn Lowry was both more verbose and also more critical, writing, "We’d also like to offer up our congratulations to Amber and Andrew! We’re like many armchair viewers in that the pregnancy seemed MIGHTY quick, but I also have to concede that Andrew seems to have a lot of qualities that help to bring out the best in Amber."

17. Kail Contnues...

Kail Contnues...
"Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that his personality seems to not bring out the worst in Amber — i.e. her anger," Lowry concluded. "Regardless of the phrasing, the two seem like a great fit." Love her or hate her, the girl speaks her mind.

18. The Silent Ones

The Silent Ones
Not surprisingly, a couple high profile figures declined to comment on Amber's big news, including Matt Baier and Farrah Abraham. But believe it or not, Farrah's family did have something to say about the arrival of baby James...

19. Mike Steps Up

Mike Steps Up
Farrah's father, Michael Abraham, issued the following statement to Starcasm: “From the Abraham family, we all wish Amber and Andrew big Congrats … and send blessings for James!” We'd like to echo Michael's sentiments! Congrats to Amber and her whole family!

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