Kailyn Lowry: Stunned By Briana DeJesus-Javi Marroquin Shocker!

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On Monday night's season premiere of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer dropped a bombshell on Kailyn Lowry.

The episode was filmed around the time that Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, began his relationship with Briana DeJesus.

Leah caught wind of the fact that Javi would be staying in a hotel with Briana during his trip to Florida with Kail's kids.

Naturally, Leah was quick to pass the news along to her BFF Kailyn, who understandably did not take it well.

The scandalous relationship didn't last long, and we now know that Javi and Briana broke up after just a few months of dating, but this glimpse at the early days of their romance offered some interesting insights into why Kail and Bri still have no interest in getting along.

1. Javi, Kail & the Kids

Javi, Kail & the Kids
By the time last night's episode was filmed, Kail knew something was going on between Javi and Briana. She also knew he would be taking her two eldest sons to Florida for a Disney World vacation. She did not know, however, that those two facts were in any way related...

2. Enter Leah

Enter Leah
Leah found out about the plan straight from Briana after meeting her for the first time at the VMAs. At the event, Briana went on and on about Javi and spoke about the couple's plans to spend the week in Orlando with their kids.

3. Stating the Obvious

Stating the Obvious
"I don’t think she’ll be happy,” Leah said to Briana about Kailyn. “She’s probably going to be mad at you.”

4. Girl Code

Girl Code
Kailyn and Leah are very close friends, so Bri really shouldn't have been surprised that Messer passed that information along to Lowry. Perhaps she secretly WANTED Kail to know?

5. Disney Drama

Disney Drama
Leah even went so far as to suggest that the whole Disney trip might be a ruse for Javi and Bri to spend time together and introduce their kids.

6. Kailyn and Leah

Kailyn and Leah
“It seemed like they were trying to cover it up with something else,” Messer said at one point. Whatever the case, Kail was NOT happy, and she made her feelings perfectly clear on Twitter last night.

7. Twitter Fingers

Twitter Fingers
To the delight of fans, Kail took to Twitter to air her grievances during the episode.

8. First Order of Business

First Order of Business
Being the good friend that she is, Kail's first priority was defending Leah.

9. The Snitch Factor

The Snitch Factor
Those tweets were likely a response to Javi's criticism of Leah on the episode. “There’s a lot of rats out there,” Marroquin remarked at one point.

10. Switching Gears

Switching Gears
From there, Lowry turned her attention toward Javi, Bri, and one seriously sketchy trip to the happiest place on Earth...

11. Priorities, Javi!

Priorities, Javi!
Quite understandably, Kail believes that Javi is more focused on his love life than on his duties as a father. She revealed that prior to his plans to hang out with Bri in Florida, he had hoped to take his on-again, off-again grlfriend Lauren Comeau on the trip.

12. Cause For Concern

Cause For Concern
Obviously, it's not hard to see why Kailyn might be worried about Javi's priorities. And she's none too thrilled with Briana either...

13. Briana's Beef

Briana's Beef
In a series of now-deleted tweets, Briana blasted Kail criticizing her relationship with Javi.

14. The Clapback

The Clapback
In response to Kail's claims that Briana had violated "girl code," Briana tweeted: "I hardly ever see u. We were never friends."

15. Kail's Response

Kail's Response
Kailyn shot back that whether they're friends or not, she and Kail are co-workers and therefore, her relationship with Javi was inappropriate.

16. Briana Speaks the Truth

Briana Speaks the Truth
Briana responded with an argument that critics of shows like TM2 have been making for years - namely, that "reality TV star" isn't a real job.

17. A Valid Point

A Valid Point
"Work?" Briana tweeted. "It's a TV show. Not a 9-5." She's got a point. It's tough to make the co-worker argument when you live and work in different states.

18. The Winner?

The Winner?
Both ladies made solid arguments on Twitter, but Kail seems to have emerged as the clear victor in the court of public opinion. But the reason why she came out on top has little to do with either Lowry or her rival...

19. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
For many, last night was an all-time low for Javi, who took a ton of flak for being dishonest about the trip and involving Kail's kids. Perhaps Ms. Lowry put it best...

20. We Couldn't Have Said It Better

We Couldn't Have Said It Better
“Javi likes to sh-t where he eats," she told Jo Rivera at one point. We'd say that just about sums it up.

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