Taylor McKinney SLAMS Ryan Edwards: You Are NOT a Father!

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Back in June, Ryan Edwards checked into rehab immediately after marrying Mackenzie Standifer in a disastrous ceremony.

It was a positive and necessary move for Ryan to make, but in the months since his release, it seems he's been forced to confront a painful truth about sobriety--namely, that life doesn't necessarily get easier after one stops using drugs.

Ryan still struggles with the challenges of being a parent, a step-parent, and a husband. 

And based on what we saw on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Taylor McKinney thinks he's not up to the task ...

1. Ryan In Rehab

Ryan In Rehab
Ryan checked into rehab after losing consciousness while driving to his own wedding. He didn't stay in treatment very long, but he's reportedly been maintaining his sobriety ever since.

2. Father's Day Tension

Father's Day Tension
This week's Teen Mom 2 featured scenes from Ryan's first Father's Day after leaving rehab. He was able to spend time with his son, Bentley, but the day didn't exactly go according to plan ...

3. A Poorly Handled Situation

A Poorly Handled Situation
Apparently, Ryan could take a lesson in politeness from his 9-year-old son. Maci says Bentley politely asked if he would be seeing his dad on Father's Day, while Ryan was much more crass in his approach.

4. Abusive Behavior?

Abusive Behavior?
Maci accused Ryan of berating her with vulgar and offensive text messages. Naturally, Taylor McKinney was not happy to learn that his wife was being insulted by her ex.

5. A Privilege, Not a Right

A Privilege, Not a Right
"It is a privilege to be his father,” Taylor ranted. Maci concurred, telling Taylor, “You’re his father!”

6. Who's the Real Father Here?

Who's the Real Father Here?
“Why should I not get to spend Father’s Day with him, why should Ryan?" Taylor asked at one point. "To spend time with your son on Father’s Day, that should require you being an actual father."

7. Maci Gives In

For the sake of her son, Maci decided to bring Bentley over to Ryan's parents' house so that father and son could spend the holiday together.

8. A Problem Amongst Parents

A Problem Amongst Parents
According to Maci, the afternoon took a turn for the worse when Ryan informed her that he has a "problem" with the way she's raising their son.

9. A Vague Threat...

A Vague Threat...
Ryan apparently muttered, "See you in court" to Maci just before she left his parent's house. It seems he didn't go into detail while she was there.

10. Custody Battle Brewing?

Custody Battle Brewing?
Is Ryan planning to fight for full custody of Bentley? It certainly seems that he's not happy with their current arrangement.

11. Raising the Stakes

Raising the Stakes
Maci saw Ryan's challenge and raised him, threatening to cut off his visitation rights. “I’m no longer going to put my son and myself in this hell hole,” she said.

12. Willing to Compromise?

Willing to Compromise?
After Maci left and tensions eased a bit, Ryan informed his family that he's willing go to mediation sessions to discuss custody. But if they're not able to come to amicable terms...

13. Court Is Still an Option

Court Is Still an Option
Ryan told his family that he has every intention of taking Maci to court if he's not happy with her terms.

14. A Guarantee of Victory

A Guarantee of Victory
"I will win this," Ryan triumphantly told his parents. We're not sure where that confidence comes from...

15. Good Luck With That

Good Luck With That
After all, Ryan is a recovering addict with a long history of erratic behavior. He may be on the road to recovery, but he still has his issues.

16. A Solemn Wedding

A Solemn Wedding
It was just a few months ago that Ryan passed out while driving to his own wedding. It's great that he sought help, but his behavior since completing treatment hasn't always been exemplary.

17. Meme Shade

Meme Shade
Just after completing rehab, Ryan posted this meme in apparent reference to Maci. She says he also harassed her with abusive text messages.

18. Maci, On the Other Hand...

Maci, On the Other Hand...
She's certainly experienced her share of challenges, but Maci is one of Teen Mom 2's most consistent fan favorites for a reason ...

19. She Always Puts Family First

She Always Puts Family First
Maci always makes her kids her top priority. Her selflessness as a mother has been apparent to viewers for years--and we're sure a judge would be able to see it, too.

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