Sophia Abraham Curses Out "F--king Haters," Enters Therapy

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Imagine having Farrah Abraham for a mom.

Or, it that thought experiment is too terrifying for a Friday, just take a good long look at the life of Sophia Abraham.

Sophia's been in the spotlight literally since the day she was born, and while many hoped she might be able to enjoy a somewhat normal childhood after Farrah got fired from Teen Mom OG, that hasn't turned out to be the case.

In fact, the problem of overexposure seems to have gotten worse, as Farrah drags the 10-year-old to red carpet events all over the world, as though Sophia is some sort of a fashion accessory. 

And now, it seems that fishbowl existence is beginning to have a major impact on the young girl's mindset.

Take a look:

1. Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Very few 10-year-olds spend as much time posing for selfies and attending red carpet events as Sophia Abraham.

2. The Team

The Team
To be fair, Farrah's daughter does seem to enjoy all the attention -- but that observation comes with two caveats:

3. Too Much, Too Soon

Too Much, Too Soon
For one, even if she likes it, showering a 10-year-old with constant praise and attention from adults -- most of them strangers -- is probably not a good thing.

4. Farrah's Version

Farrah's Version
On top of that, the only insight we gain into Sophia's experience is filtered through Farrah, so naturally, we're given the impression that she's living every child's dream.

5. Sophia's Choice

Sophia's Choice
And so, despite how much time she spends in the public eye, it's still very difficult to tell exactly what's going on with Sophia.

6. Learning From the Past

Learning From the Past
But we know from many prior examples that child stars often find it difficult to navigate the road to adolescence. And at least those poor kids didn't have Farrah freakin' Abraham for a mother.

7. The Inevitable

The Inevitable
And sadly, it looks as though Sophia's troubling circumstances are beginning to take a toll.

8. Why Is She Doing Interviews At All?

Why Is She Doing Interviews At All?
During a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Sophia was asked how she copes with negative attention.

9. Wonder Where She Gets It

Wonder Where She Gets It
Fans were more than a little shocked to hear the should-be fourth-grader reply, "I just ignore it! And be like 'You're a f--king hater!'"

10. Nice Try

Nice Try
Farrah quickly tried to correct her daughter saying, "No! We don't call anyone names!"

11. Sounds About Right

Sounds About Right
Not surprisingly the response online was overwhelmingly negative. "Very disturbing," wrote one commenter. "This is awful. I'd whoop my son for saying "f--k the haters!" another remarked.

12. The Mixed Response Here!

The Mixed Response Here!
"Sophia is so cute, but I would wash her mouth out with soap!" a third chimed in. "Yeah, lets just let a 10-year-old cuss on national TV!" said another.

13. A Mystery For the Ages

A Mystery For the Ages
Farrah, as usual, feigned ignorance as to where her daughter might have picked up such a language.

14. Not Buying It

Not Buying It
But considering these two spend pretty much every waking moment together, we're not buying that she didn't hear it straight from Farrah.

15. Just Awful

And then there are videos like this one, which is inappropriate for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the revelation that Farrah has clearly taught her daughter that she should deal with bullies by bullying them back.

16. Unreal

And don't forget this doozy, in which Farrah kicks off her "comedy" career by launching a foul-mouthed rant against her own daughter. Classy!

17. Finally, a Good Decision

Finally, a Good Decision
That's a lot of negativity for a young mind. Thankfully, Farrah has attempted to balance out the damage by enrolling Sophia in therapy.

18. Hopefully She's Not Talking About Another Reality Show

Hopefully She's Not Talking About Another Reality Show
"We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye," Farrah said during a recent interview with podcaster Heather McDonald.

19. We're Not Sure That's the Problem

We're Not Sure That's the Problem
Farrah went on to claim that Sophia is constantly criticized because she's homeschooled. Kinda sounds like Farrah is missing the point, as always...

20. Yes, It's All Because of the Homeschooling

Yes, It's All Because of the Homeschooling
"She gets so much hate for being online schooled or homeschooled," Farrah said. "Sophia doesn't pay attention to cyberbullying. She is just totally overcoming it."

21. Finally, A Point We Can Agree With

Finally, A Point We Can Agree With
"She gets so much hate and it's so crazy," Abraham added. "Whatever works for Sophia for making her feel strong, that's what I'm about."

22. Of Course

Of Course
From there, Farrah reminded us that she's a self-sacrificing perennial victim, saying, "I can't even tell you. From being a teen who's pregnant, trying to graduate high school early, start college early…there was just so much change that went on during those eight months I was pregnant," Farrah shared. "When Sophia popped out, my whole life was different so it was so dramatic for me."

23. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
And don't worry! Farrah's not planning to stop at messing up just one kid!

24. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Asked about future plans to expand her family, Farrah remarked, "I've always been open to adopting so there's a lot of good you can do there. Sophia is open to adoption. I can do anything on my own."

25. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
Yes, another Abraham may soon be on the way. May God have mercy on us all.

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