Ronnie Magro Attacks Jen Harley With a Knife, Gets Arrested and Tased By Cops

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Strolling through Beverly Hills on Thursday, Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley assured a TMZ cameraman that all was well in their relationship, and they'd finally put the drama behind them.

Within 12 hours, however, Ronnie was in police custody following a violent altercation with Harley.

According to TMZ, cops arrived on the scene in response to several 911 calls indicating that Jen was "in distress."

Fearing that the couple's 1-year-old daughter, Ariana, might be in danger, police broke down the door with a battering ram.

And that's when the situation really got out of hand.

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1. How Quickly Things Change

How Quickly Things Change
This was Ron and Jen in Beverly Hills on Thursday, assuring TMZ that all was well and that they had never been happier.

2. All Good!

Ronnie told the pap that "everything's good" in his relationship with Harley, adding that the couple's strategy for coping with the negative press around their relationship is to "just ignore everybody."

3. Ron-page

At 2:30 the following morning, however, amid reports of a violent altercation within the residence, police were called to the Air BnB Jen and Ronnie were renting

4. Unforgivable

Insiders say Magro stands accused of slapping and punching Harley during a heated argument.

5. A Chaotic Scene

A Chaotic Scene
Fearing that the couple's daughter might be in danger, police forcibly entered the residence.

6. Oh, No

Oh, No
It's unknown who called 911, but they described an appalling scene in which Ronnie chased Jen with a knife while she held Ariana in order to protect the baby.

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