David Eason: Jenelle Doesn't Take Care of Her Kids and Also She STOLE from Me!

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It's been about three weeks now since Jenelle announced that she's divorcing David.

It feels a whole, whole lot longer than that, doesn't it?

There's just bee so much going on with it all -- reports, rumors, statements, social media comments, etc.

It's been a lot to keep up with.

Now, on top of everything else, David is making more accusations about Jenelle.

And this time, he's really, really not holding back ...

1. The Truth

The Truth
Jenelle has never been the best person. You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

2. Also True

Also True
This is no way means that she deserved any abuse she faced at the hands of David Eason, but still, it's a big part to this story.

3. Well Jenelle ...

Well Jenelle ...
She's had some serious issues with being a mother -- remember, she gave up custody of her oldest son, Jace, to her mother when he was just around six months old because she often stayed out partying all night because she assumed the baby would be sleeping anyway. And hey, her mom was around, so no big deal, right?

4. Wow

A few years went by with Barb caring for Jace while Jenelle got arrested a bunch, developed a heroin problem, and got married, and visited him sometimes. When she got clean and started dating Nathan, she started talking more about getting custody back, but she went ahead and got pregnant again first.

5. Seriously, Wow

Seriously, Wow
She had Kaiser, split from Nathan, got with David, and had Ensley all before the custody matter with Jace was settled -- Barbara got permanent custody because at that point, she'd been raising him for years, and there was plenty of evidence that Jenelle still wasn't exactly stable.

6. Ugh

Right around the time that the custody stuff was wrapping up, we learned that Jenelle had been smoking weed all throughout her pregnancy with Ensley, and that CPS had investigated her after the baby had failed a drug test, which, you know, isn't a great look.

7. Real Talk

Real Talk
It's also not great that she chose to stay with David even after he was allegedly abusive with Kaiser, and after he killed her dog and nearly got her other two children taken from her. Abuse is awful, of course, and it's always hard for a victim to leave their abuser, but it's still tough to understand how she could have stayed considering everything that's been reported about David's behavior towards the children.


So look, this is a whole lot of information, we get it. We're going over all of this because as part of Jenelle and David's breakup, he's been slamming the hell out of her and telling everyone who will listen about what an awful person she is.

9. The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins
Jenelle has gotten a restraining order against David after providing proof that he was abusive -- among that evidence was apparently a text from David in which he told her that he was going to kill some guy, cut his head off, and make her eat it, so that's what we're dealing with here.

10. Hmmm

In addition to staying away from Jenelle physical, the restraining order meant that he wasn't allowed to talk about her online.

11. However ...

However ...
Unfortunately, he hasn't been doing too great with that last part.

12. So Much Hate

So Much Hate
He's said so much about Jenelle that we're starting to have trouble keeping up with it all, but we can certainly run down a few of the big ones -- let's see, he's said that he's taking Jenelle to court and that there he would expose some things about her that would make our jaws drop.

13. Um

With that statement, he made some reference to her losing something, but he wrote "loose" instead, and when someone pointed it out, he just went along with it and called her loose, too. Like sexually, get it?

14. Oh OK

He's said that he hasn't been able to work because he's been "working for J cleaning up after her lazy ass for years."

15. Fair

He's said that he's "so very much happier" without Jenelle around, "and so is Maryssa!"

16. Gross

In a comment he made on Facebook, he seemed to allude to the idea that Jenelle was actually the abusive one in the home, not David, which is pretty unbelievable -- not so much because Jenelle is a wonderful mother, but because he's so awful and there's been so much evidence to prove it.

17. Of Course

Of Course
Just from thse comments, you can see that he's making a habit of insulting her abilities as a mother, right?

18. Classic David

Classic David
And he's continuing that trend with these new comments.

19. Sure

He shared a video of Ensley on one of their hunting adventures yesterday (yes, she's only two years old, and yes, him taking his two-year-old hunting is a totally diffferent issue), and he captioned it "I miss my baby more than she could ever imagine and I know she misses me too! I would give anything to take her hunting again right now!"

20. Poor Maryssa

Poor Maryssa
In the comments, someone asked "Has Jenelle even reached out to her stepdaughter??" And David's answer?

21. Ouch

"Maryssa never received one single ounce of attention, why would she now?"

22. Sad

Unfortunately, this makes sense -- Jenelle and Maryssa never seemed that close, especially after Maryssa was said to have testified against Jenelle and David in the custody case back in the summer.

23. Terrible

And remember in August, right before Maryssa's birthday, when she made that tweet asking her followers when they thought a kid was too old to have a birthday party, like no one could see what she meant?

24. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
So it's understandable why David would make a comment like that about Jenelle's relationship with Maryssa ... but what did he have to say about poor little Kaiser?

25. So Much Missing

So Much Missing
Someone asked David if he misses Kaiser too, or if it's just Ensley that he'd want to see, and his answer was kind of surprising.

26. ... Really?

... Really?
"Of course I do!" he answered. "I'm the only one who fed him, wiped his baby butt, gave him a bath everyday, taught him everything he knows..."

27. Oof

We'd like to dispute that, just because of who David is as a person and all, but from what we saw of him, he actually did do most of the stuff around he house -- we saw him cooking and doing things with the kids pretty often.

28. But Also ...

But Also ...
It's important to note that in addition to cooking for him and also possibly bathing him, several different people have alleged that he's been abusive towards him, so ... there's that.

29. So Weird

So Weird
Considering everything we've heard, it's kind of wild to hear David try to say that he was basically everything to Kaiser, but his next claim is somehow even wilder.

30. Huh?

Because he's also saying that Jenelle stole from him.

31. An Unhappy Customer

An Unhappy Customer
So he sells those knives, remember? And one of his customers commented on a Facebook post of his to complain that they'd made a purchase at the beginning of the month but it still hadn't been shipped, and he hadn't responded to their attempts to reach out.

32. For Real?

For Real?
David replied by saying "Jenelle had my account shut down. I tried to issue a refund but she took the money and took away my ability to make money on Etsy."

33. So Much Happening

So Much Happening
There may be a little bit of truth to this -- he has moved his knife business from Etsy to eBay.

34. So Rich

So Rich
But when you consider that David quit his job and never got another one pretty much immediately after getting with Jenelle, who was pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from Teen Mom 2 ... it's just kind of odd to think that she'd be the one stealing from him, you know?

35. Honestly?

And if she did take some of the profits from his overpriced knives to get herself and the kids away from him, well, we can't really find it in us to fault her for that.

36. Scary

If we know David, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg -- in the coming months we'll probably be hearing a whole, whole lot more about how awful he thinks Jenelle was.

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