Mackenzie McKee Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Dying Mother

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Back in January, Mackenzie McKee revealed that her mother, Ange Douthit, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In the months since, she's frequently updated fans on Ange's condition, and while Mackenzie is generally optimistic, she's also realistic.

No one in Mackenzie's family is under any delusions about what the future holds, but rather than give into their grief, they've opted to make the best of every remaining day with Ange.

Fans have drawn inspiration from Mackenzie's love and gratitude for her mother, as well as for Ange's strength and determination to continue living in the present moment.

This week, Mackenzie shared the most recent update on Ange's ongoing battle, and fans have reacted with a tidal wave of kindhearted and supportive sentiments.

1. Mackenzie and Ange

Mackenzie and Ange
Mackenzie first shared the sad news of Ange's diagnosis back in January. Since then, the strength that both mother and daughter have demonstrated has served as a source of inspiration for millions.

2. A Moving Story

A Moving Story
These days, Ange is facing the end with her daughter by her side. Fans have marveled at the courage demonstrated by both women.

3. Sharing Their Strength

Sharing Their Strength
While many families would no doubt prefer to keep such struggles private, the McKee-Douthit clan has been happy to serve as a source of strength to others who might be struggling.

4. The Latest

The Latest
Yesterday, Mackenzie offered fans an update on her mother's condition and revealed a special way in which she and other family members are paying tribute.

5. Give Her an Amen

Give Her an Amen
"The doctor gave my mom 4 to 13 months, today marks 6 months.... can I get an AMEN, a retweet, a hallelujah #alwaysbekind," Mackenzie tweeted.

6. Strength and Kindness

Strength and Kindness
Yes, it seems "always be kind" is Ange's motto, and now, her daughters are using those words to pay a very special tribute to their beloved mother.

7. Lasting Tribute

Lasting Tribute
"I’ve never wanted a tattoo, although they don’t bother me," Douthit wrote on Instagram. "So when my daughters (Kaylee can’t get one while she’s pregnant) approached me about getting one I just told them it should have a great meaning."

8. Word to Live By

Word to Live By
"They asked me to write, 'Always Be Kind' on paper so it would be in my handwriting and away they went," Douthit continued.

9. A Person, Not a Disease

A Person, Not a Disease
"I thought they were going to add the cancer ribbon to it, but they chose not to, and I’m so happy, I don’t want my life to be remembered for the cancer," Ange added.

10. Remembered Forever

Remembered Forever
"I want it to be remembered for what I did to share Christ," Douthit added. "So last night when they revealed their tattoos to me, I was very pleased because, they all started telling me about how many people they have already been able to share what the tattoo means. Each person who asks about it, they tell them my story and explain how important it is to always be kind,"

11. Reality TV Meets Real Life

Reality TV Meets Real Life
Obviously, it's not hard to see why fans of the Teen Mom franchise have been so moved by Mackenzie's story -- or why so many hoped she would soon return to TV on a regular basis.

12. A Long-Awaited Return?

Briana DeJesus beat out Mackenzie for a spot on Teen Mom 2, but it was briefly rumored that McKee would be replacing Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG.

13. Cause For Optimism

Mackenzie got fans' hopes up when she revealed that an MTV camera crew had paid a visit to her hometown. Alas, it was only to shoot a one-off special about Mackenzie and her family.

14. A Controversial Choice

A Controversial Choice
Rather than offering the position to McKee, the network gave the job to a former The Challenge contestant named Cheyenne Floyd.

15. Leaving Cheyenne

Leaving Cheyenne
McKee's fans have expressed outrage, not only because they've been so thoroughly moved by Mackenzie's story, but also because Cheyenne had her first child at 24, and thus, was never actually a teen mom.

16. Don't Cry For McKee

Don't Cry For McKee
But Mackenzie has never asked for sympathy. And as it happens, she's doing quite well for herself as a personal trainer and fitness guru.

17. Cashing In on the 'Gram

Cashing In on the 'Gram
And of course, her status as a teen mom continues to bring in lucrative deals for endorsing products like weight loss lollipops.

18. Priorities

Needless to say, Mackenzie has bigger things on her mind these days than TV gigs. She's a wife, a mother -- and a daughter.

19. Putting Things In Perspective

Putting Things In Perspective
"Don’t miss opportunities, life is way too short," Ange Douthit recently wrote on Instagram. "Hug and smile more. Live each day to the fullest. Be happy and at peace. God loves you!"

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