Bristol Palin Blasts MTV: Stop Turning Me Into Farrah Abraham!

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Bristol Palin is not here to take any responsibility.

She's not here to shoulder any blame.

And she certainly isn't here to apologize.

Throughout her brief stint on Teen Mom OG, Palin has been at the center of more episodes than any other cast member.

Makes sense, right? You don't hire the daughter of an ex-Vice Presidential candidate and then NOT feature her prominently.

But Bristol has taken to Instagram in order to blast producers for her portrayal, arguing that they are making her look bad on purpose because they need her to be a controversial figure -- just like the woman she replaced, Farrah Abraham.

Is this accurate?

Scroll down to read Palin's argument and to judge for yourself...

1. So Frustrated

So Frustrated
Bristol Palin is annoyed by the way she's been portrayed on Teen Mom OG. She blames producers for editing footage in ways that paint her in a negative light.

2. Really, Bristol?!?

Really, Bristol?!?
The bulk of her time as a Teen Mom cast member has been spent arguing with ex-husband Dakota Meyer. Early in the season, she came across as not very understanding about his PTSD, which resulted from seeing many of his team members killed in Afghanistan.

3. What Prompted Palin's Outburst?

What Prompted Palin's Outburst?
We can't say for certain, but Meyer asked her on the latest episode of Teen Mom OG to call or text him when cameras were not around, accusing her of just wanting attention.

4. The Internet Has Also Turned Against Her

The Internet Has Also Turned Against Her
Ratings for this season are way down and viewers don't seem to care about Bristol's exploits, perhaps because they dislike her mother so much.

5. What a Ditz!

What a Ditz!
This is what someone wrote to MTV about Palin's unwelcome presence on the franchise after Monday's episode aired.

6. And This is What Bristol Wrote Back:

And This is What Bristol Wrote Back:
“dumb.. if you’re going to criticize me, at least be grammatically correct." She's clearly very annoyed at the moment.

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