Ryan Edwards: Expecting Another Kid? Fighting For Custody of Bentley?!

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Back in June, Ryan Edwards checked into rehab after a lengthy struggle with prescription painkillers.

By all accounts, Ryan has maintained his sobriety in the months since leaving treatment, but he remains troubled by conflict, drama, and questions about his fitness as a parent.

Now, Ryan's situation might soon become even more complicated thanks to a pair of rumored developments...

1. Ryan on the Rebound

Ryan on the Rebound
Over the summer, Ryan checked into rehab after passing out while driving to his own wedding. Though he didn't remain in treatment for very long, sources say he's remained sober ever since.

2. Wrecked Ryan

Wrecked Ryan
The decision to seek treatment came after Ryan fell asleeep at the wheel driving to his own wedding. He checked into rehab almost immediately after saying "I do."

3. Not Exactly Smooth Sailing...

Not Exactly Smooth Sailing...
Things haven't been easy for Ryan in the months since he completed treatment, but many of his problems are self-created. Immediately after arriving home, he began taking shots at his ex, Maci Bookout, by posting memes like the one above.

4. A Bad Dad?

A Bad Dad?
Ryan has been accused of neglecting his son and blaming Maci when he goes for a long period of time without seeing the boy.

5. Custody In Question?

Custody In Question?
A recent episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Ryan threatening to fight Maci for custody of Bentley.

6. "See You In Court..."

"See You In Court..."
Those were the words Edwards supposedly muttered to Maci when she brought Bentley to visit him on Father's Day.

7. A Possible Compromise?

A Possible Compromise?
Ryan later admitted that he would be willing to attend mediation sessions with Maci, but he maintained that if the two of them can't work out an amicable arrangement, he will take her to court.

8. A Guarantee of Victory

A Guarantee of Victory
"I will win this," Ryan told his parents, who understandably seemed a bit confused by the situation.

9. Why Now?

Why Now?
Why is Ryan suddenly so keen to fight Maci for custody of his son? Well, it seems there are several factors at play...

10. A New Dad In Town

A New Dad In Town
It could have something to do with the presence of Taylor McKinney, who Maci recently described as "Bentley's real dad."

11. Mad Mackenzie?

Mad Mackenzie?
Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, might also be encouraging him to play a more active role in her son's life. Some believe her intentions are pure, while others think they're the result of her ongoing feud with Maci Bookout.

12. Speaking of Mackenzie...

Speaking of Mackenzie...
Regardless, it appears that for the most part, Mackenzie has been a stabilizing force in Ryan's life. And it seems there's one very good reason that she wants him to get his drama sorted out ASAP...

13. A Baby For Ryan and Mackenzie?

A Baby For Ryan and Mackenzie?
Edwards and Standifer both have children from previous relationships, but it seems Mackenzie is eager to have a kid with Ryan.

14. Do-Over!

Ryan and Mackenzie even symbolized their new beginning as a couple with a second wedding. This time, Ryan was fully sober. (Or at least he maintained consciousness.)

15. A Fan Theory

A Fan Theory
Many believe that Mackenzie had hoped to start trying for a baby immediately after her wedding. Those plans were obviously delayed by Ryan's rehab, but the second wedding is being interpreted as Standifer's way of signaling the start of the conception process.

16. A Vague Statement

A Vague Statement
Mackenzie recently confirmed that she and Ryan are hoping for a baby in the near future, but she refused to go into specifics.

17. "In God's Hands..."

"In God's Hands..."
Standifer stated that the matter is "in God's hands" now, which many took as an indication that she and Ryan are no longer using contraception.

18. A Baby Brother For Bentley?

A Baby Brother For Bentley?
The way things are going, we wouldn't be surprised to hear a pregnancy announcement from Ryan and Mackenzie before year is out. Of course, there's still one major question these two should ask themselves before they expand their family ...

19. Can Ryan Stay Sober?

Can Ryan Stay Sober?
We're sure that in Ryan's mind, he's proven himself by remaining ober for six months. But as any addict can tell him, recovery is a never-ending process. He and Mackenzie may want to wait a bit before introducing any new sources of stress to their lives, as at this point, Ryan is still very much in the danger zone.

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